Making of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no. 9

 Making of Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no. 9 

        Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no.9 was dedicated to Teacher-Student friendship.Abhijeet Sakpal and Anant Chavan had played roles of student and teacher respectively.Abhijeet Sakpal's acting as a naughty student and Anant Chavan's performance as his teacher both were equally good and the give-n-take, dialogue delivery,timing etc.all were perfect.The overall act was good and interesting was shot in one-take,no retake.But when I saw this act during editing work,I was very much disappointed by watching the 'wrinkles' on background curtains and overall set.We did shooting of all 9 episodes of 'Hasya-Jatra' infront of same BLUE background.So here I thought we must STOP,re-work again on resources, improve our Quality and Standard,change the format of serial and also the level of acts.
So the 9th episode became the Last episode of Hasya Jatra for first season.'Change' is important and we should accept this fact.
         Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra Episode no.9 


            Abhijeet Chavan and Anant Chavan, the duo acted together in webisode no 5 of Hasya Jatra as Pradhan and Raja resp.
And the 'Chemistry' between them was really good in that act.That's the only reason we replaced Rakesh Dudwadkar by Anant Chavan for the role of teacher and secondly Rakesh is very much younger to Abhijeet so the casting could have been failed. So Anant accepted the role. Rakesh was good as 'Deshashta Brahmin teacher' and he was also good in 'nasal' dialogue delivery.When Anant tried the same,he could manage the accent but his voice throw suffered.So he decided to do that character as a 'normal village teacher' and not 'kokanasth brahmin teacher' 
          Abhijeet is around 37 yrs old and he does have 'Hair problem'.You can watch original Abhijeet in Webisode no.1 in which he has done a role of 'drunkard' along with Rakesh.So to make him look like student we had to work on his looks. He completely shaved his mustache for this role.We gave him 'School uniform' costume and artificial hairs on his head inside cap to show him school going kid and that worked.But the main requirement was his'bearing' as a kid,his 'expressions','innocence' on which he worked properly.This episode was in Marathi.The act was written by  Ashish Chavan and directed by Anant himself.You can watch the acting skill of Anant Chavan in this webisode.Seriously that's what 'experience' all about.He looks very convincing and very natural as 'teacher'. 

          This 9th episode was not the end of 'HASYA-JATRA',it was beginning of New improved version of webseries.We will return again with more fun and more good quality acts.You can watch animated webisodes 10,11,12 etc.of Hasya Jatra till we come back.
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