Ashwamedh Kalamanch's  first webseries 'Hasya-Jatra' can be watched on our blog  .
           Ashish Chavan acted in our promo and webisode no.4 and webisode no.7.
Hasya Jatra's episode no 8 was directed by Ashish Chavan. In this webisode we introduced first girl anchor Rupali More who has also acted in this episode.The chemistry between Rupali and Rakesh Dudwadkar was really amazing during this act. 

       Ashwamedh Kalamanch's  Hasya Jatra's  webisode no.8 is dedicated to the 'POWER OF MONEY'. Rakesh has played the role of 'stylish begger' in this act.He is quite funny in this act.Rupali gets impressed by this begger due to his 'income' and that shows 'Aajkal pyar andha hi nahi...lalachi bhi hota hai :P' - the morale of the webisode. 

       The act was written by Ashish himself,so he had better idea of how to direct this act.He wanted Rakesh to do 'LOUD' acting in this act.Infact Rupali has really pulled out the act properly.Rakesh did good job,but he could have done much better than this.We don't wanted to act him like 'Munnabhai' in entire act,but he had to talk like Munna in this act. Rupali and Rakesh took almost 4 hours to practice the act and we shot this act in the late evening  at 7:30 p.m. 
 Again we couldn't complete in single shoot,we took 3 patches for this act.
Anchoring was done by Rupali after the shooting was over. So that day Rupali and her husband Shailesh spend entire day on set. 


       The joke of the weight-machine was quite hilarious.The expressions by Rakesh during that scene is quite funny.Actually he took lot of time to understand what was expected from him.Finally we told him to act 'FILMY'.He understood the word and then gave proper reactions,quite 'filmy' and quite 'loud'. We included 'dance' at the end of the episode to increase the 'Energy level' of act and add more humor and nonsense in it. Rupali did anchoring for the first time in her life.So she was bit nervous during her anchoring.She tried her best.
 Editing part was comparatively easy for this webisode.We had to 'CHEAT' entire 'Weight-machine' scene, so I had to Zoom the video during editing work. Sound effect of weight-machine after inserting coin, throwing of coin towards Rakesh etc. were added. This webisode was HINDI and first time it had any love-story,so as expected we got quite a good response to this act. 

       Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Hasya Jatra serial can be watched on our ASHWAMEDH KALAMANCH BLOG ( Enjoy.
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