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NURSERY RHYME - 'Whats your wish?'

 Jerry mouse, Jerry mouse  What's your 'wish'?  I need a 'Cheese cake' in round round dish
Pussy cat, Pussy cat What's your 'wish'? I need a 'milk shake' and  a 'roasted fish' 
Lucy dog,Lucy dog What's your wish? To fight like a superdog, Dhoom dhaam dhissh !!!
- Deepak Doddamani    (deepbaazigar) 
(This post is dedicated to my nephew Master 'Aditya' & all the children )

Om Shanti Om




Doosra 'Gandhi'

Doosra 'Gandhi'

 In the year 2006, Lage raho Munnabhai created waves in Indian Cinema. Everyone was talking about magic of 'Gandhigiri'.Through LRMB Rajkumar Hirani introduced 'Mahatma Gandhi' to the young net-savvy generation. The movie was excellent & had very important messages through nicely woven scenes. 

        We all have learned about Gandhiji in our school.Most of us have seen the movie 'Gandhi'.We have read about 'Gandhi' and we have also read books written by 'Mahatma' himself. 
      Till now we were just knowing his philosophy, but in last few days we  experienced his philosophy.In last 13 days we have sensed the power of 'Non-violence'.We learned proper ways of carrying out 'peaceful' rallies. We saw how 'Satyagraha' works? We saw how people can get united under the power of 'national movements', by leaders who can dare to walk on the path of 'truth' and 'non-violence'. Than…



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       Social Activist, IPS Officer (1972-2007)
             Magsaysay award, UN Medal, President's Gallantry award               Key member: 'Team Anna',Indian Anti-corruption movement                  Organizations: Navjyoti, India Vision Foundation 



Today I am 90 yrs old, completely bed-ridden and watching television for the great 'Indian movement' the 'Second freedom struggle' by a man called 'Anna Hazare'. The massive crowd which has spend the 10 magnificent days of their life in Ramlila ground will surely get a chance to taste the 'real taste of freedom' once they will ultimately win the battle against corruption. My son is supporting Anna with all his heart & I am proud of him. But my grandson doesn't seems to have faith in it. My grandson Arun is employee with India's largest software company. He is 27 yrs old & has been recently moved to Mumbai for job.We have always respected his every decision about his life. But today somehow I am little unhappy with his rude behavior. No, I don't want to preach him anything. He has his own mind & his own conscience. But today I want to share something very important with him, 'my greatest 'Regret' in li…

Jabaan Sambhaal ke


These people have lost their respect in majority of general public due to their  statements, speeches, views, articles & have become villains of the year 2011. 
Morale of the story : Mind your tongue ( Jabaan Sambhaal ke ).

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Common Agenda !!!

All political parties are sitting in 'Sarvadaliya' meeting.Ruling party leaders  A,B,C are already exhausted due to morchas infront of their homes.Third front is  irritated by timing of meeting.Their leaders X,Y,Z have come to pressurize government.Opposition party leaders P,Q,R are really happy to see ruling party in trouble but somehow they are controlling their smiles. 
And the meeting starts,
Ruling party Speaker: Good Evening all !!
All members: Good evening !!
R.P.Speaker: You all are invited here for discussing the  important issues of 'Anna' & 'Janlokpal' 
Opposition party leader: Yes, we know.Government is feeling the heat of Anna Hazare's revolution,otherwise you wouldn't have called 'sarvadaliya' meeting.Would you? 
'A': I tell you this 'Anna Hazare' has become nuisance for all of us.
'P': You made him hero.It's all your mistake, why did you detain him on 16th Aug? 
'B': Can both of you…

Don't support 'Anna'

Don't support Anna...if you don't want to support him..Isn't it easy ? Why the hell some people criticize something they themselves don't have guts to do in their life?  Just to grab attention?? Ridiculous !      It's always easy to keep doing bla bla bla in forums and showing your intelligence on internet. Forget about 'Anna' & 'Jan lokpal', can you stay hungry for just 3 consecutive days for something which you really want to do for society? Forget about society, atleast for yourself? Can you stay hungry for just 3 days for bringing some change in your own life. First do that !           Criticism: Anna is not Gandhiwadi. Who cares??  Those who Support Anna are now 'Annawadi' & that just matters than anything else. 'United we stand, divided we fall'. If someone thinks he can't himself change the system alone & he can't lead, still he can surely become a good supporter. And without a strong support and loyal foll…

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II

This is the second post of my own quotes
                 (basically these are my tweets on Twitter)                You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter. 
1) Revolutions starts with en-lighted souls but become successful due to agitated minds. 
2) Action starts when we start empathizing for victims.'Sympathy' can move your 'hearts',but not your 'souls'
3) You can compromise in 'love', but never compromise for 'love',As true love never asks for compromises.
4) 'Bootstrapping' for entrepreneurs is same like the 'last arrow' in archers quiver.That's the 'full-n-final' chance to win the battle !!
5) Rest of my life, I will work only for those organizations whose owner will be Mr. Deepak Doddamani, that is 4 sure !!! 
6) Visit temples in India with 'faith' in heart and 'eye' 4 an art.Truly incredible ! Life is carved on every piece of stone
7) My opinions are 'my opinions', and I am happy that 'my …


It was 9:10 a.m. and  I was still near Vashi station. I didn't had my Resume copy with me but carried my pen-drive. Unfortunately the only Print-out shop near station was closed that day. I asked a passerby where can I get print-out. He told me to go to Sector 17. I was completely pissed off. I said to myself, it will take more 15 min. to reach Vashi Plaza, but somehow I had the intuitions that I won't get print-out in Mhape, so I decided to walk towards Vashi plaza. After taking printout   I went to bus stop and waited 10-15 min. 
' Why the hell I am going  for an interview??', I asked myself. But then at the same time,I  wanted to reach there on time. When I saw my watch again, I decided to catch an Auto -rickshaw and go there. I had never visited Mhape area before . But I do have a old connection with Navi Mumbai. I sat in the auto and told Rickshaw-wala, 'Mhape chalo'. He looked with happy face towards me and I realized,Ok..So Mhape may be to…