'Knowledge' is perhaps the most important asset of any human being.
It's like a seed which changes into a staple & grows day by day,
It flourishes in fertile soil & becomes a huge tree. 
It provides shade,fruits & flowers to everyone with all it's kindness.
Those who eat fruits, should sow seeds again in another fertile land, 
Not because soil needs it, but because we need fruits again.
Nature's blessing is such that there exists fertile soil everywhere 

But,'deserts' also exists, they are spread in larger areas.
Desert land is capable of facing worst climate & heat,
which normal lands can not withstand without getting cracked. 
Desert is 'desert' due to lack of presence of water.
A seed can not sprout in such desert.
Water plays crucial role in fertility of soil.
But it all depends on absorption of soil 
Depth of water inside ground decides prosperity of land 
River quenches lands near its banks making it fertile.
Some lands are away from deep water, but those can still be irrigated.

But what about 'Shallow water', which only makes 'noise'?
Although 'shallow water' has capability of making land fertile, 
It flows without looking around, blowing its own trumpet.
Not even lands with fertile soils gets benefited by it, 
forget about the 'desert' land 
Desert can only 'Wait & Watch'. 

(Note: These lines are dedicated to Indian 'Education System'.
Desert represents students who are really capable but who doesn't get a chance of higher education.

 'Shallow water' represents institutes/teachers who have made 'Education' - 'a money market')


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