Doosra 'Gandhi'

                        Doosra 'Gandhi'

         In the year 2006, Lage raho Munnabhai created waves in Indian Cinema. Everyone was talking about magic of 'Gandhigiri'.Through LRMB Rajkumar Hirani introduced 'Mahatma Gandhi' to the young net-savvy generation. The movie was excellent & had very important messages through nicely woven scenes. 

Dilip Prabhavalkar as 'Gandhiji' in LRMB (2006)
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Ben Kingsley as 'Gandhi' (1982)

        We all have learned about Gandhiji in our school.Most of us have seen the movie 'Gandhi'.We have read about 'Gandhi' and we have also read books written by 'Mahatma' himself. 
      Till now we were just knowing his philosophy, but in last few days we  experienced his philosophy.In last 13 days we have sensed the power of 'Non-violence'.We learned proper ways of carrying out 'peaceful' rallies. We saw how 'Satyagraha' works? We saw how people can get united under the power of 'national movements', by leaders who can dare to walk on the path of 'truth' and 'non-violence'. Thanks to Shri. Anna Hazare. 

Shri. Anna Hazare
 There is large population in India which has started calling 'Anna' Hazare - the 'Doosra Gandhi'. Many people has excuse to this. As they feel 'Anna's methods of movement were not correct.
Whatever may be your opinion,but for me 'Anna' is really doosra 'Gandhi'.

           " ANNA nahi yeh 'aandhi' hai, desh ka doosra 'GANDHI' hai "

            First time in our life we got a chance to see such an amazing movement which was completely 'peaceful' and 'non-violent' in nature. We have habit of watching buring tyres, buses, public properties, lathicharges, tear-gases, blood sheds etc. in political movements. But the 'Anti-corruption movement' led by 'Anna' was indeed exceptional.This was truly a 'Social movement' The way 'team Anna' handled the entire campaign is really worth appreciating. Media has played a crucial role in this movement against corruption. Salute to the true spirit of journalism shown by Indian media. 

      Entire world was watching this movement, and we proved entire world once again that, YES..We belong to a nation of Gautam Buddha,Swami Vivekanand & Mahatma Gandhi. 
      We are thankful to 'Anna' for waking - up the nation & giving us a hope and 'we can do' spirit.We had always cursed our 'hopeless' system,but now 'Anna' has shown us the way how we can bring the much needed change by increasing our 'will power'. 

     Today it's a victory of people in true sense. We have a democracy which we all are proud of, and we have made people more stronger, together. 

         Even the soul of 'Mahatma Gandhi' will be proud of us !

Mahatma Gandhi



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