Jabaan Sambhaal ke


Rahul Gandhi
He is considered as future Prime minister of India. 
But he has never proved himself yet.
His irresponsible statements after bomb blasts in Mumbai made him the biggest villain of  2011
His party is trying their best to project him as hero in 'Anna's Andolan' as mediator. 

Digvijay Singh
Most arrogant leader of UPA, who has crossed all the limits of insensitivity by  supporting Rahul
Gandhi's statement against bomb-blast. During Anti-corruption movement Government kept him away to avoid any problem due to his controversial statements to media.

Kapil Sibal
The most respected lawer & politician from UPA government
has made lot of blunder in handling issue of 'anti-corruption' movement of
Anna Hazare. He didn't kept single stone unturned to verbally attack Anna Hazare & his team 

Manish Tiwari
Without knowing anything about Anna Hazare, this motormouth
spoke-person made an indecent statement about Anna.
He said Anna is corrupt from top to bottom & then apologized to save his political career 

Arundhiti Roy

Booker prize winner author who criticized 'Anna Hazare' & his campaign
She compared Anna supporters with Maoist & raised questions on Anna Hazare's
Gandhian philosophy   

These people have lost their respect in majority of general public due to their  statements, speeches, views, articles & have become villains of the year 2011. 

Morale of the story : Mind your tongue ( Jabaan Sambhaal ke ).

( All Images courtesy: Google) 


  1. Hi Deepak..you have pretty much summed up the whole quagmire...we have so many people in higher places who have forgotten what it is to connect with the very people who elected them..i mean is it so difficult to gauge the mood of the nation? Sad :( and that roy lady...i dont want to comment on her...she is just an excuse..a poor joke played by Booker on India..sorry for using harsh words buddy...but am as angry as any Indian with these people...

  2. Thanks India's no.1 blog for your comment.
    Infact I wrote very little about them so that readers can do the rest work in comments..lolz..Thanks 4 reading :P

  3. aptly summed up Deepak. Good work

  4. well written but believe me the sight of roy raises my bp.


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