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Om Puri @ Ramlila Maidan
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               International actor Om Puri has become the 'soft target' of all the politicians after his famous speech at Ramlila Maidan. Although he has already apologized for the words he used for MPs in parliaments publicly on media,he might face a breach of privilege notice. In this time his friend & co-actor in many films Anupam Kher is supporting him,so as the general public.

             Politicians were under immense pressure for  several days. Anna's fast, & the support which he was getting for his anti-corruption movement,created lot of pressure on them.Almost for 15 days politicians were criticized by people everywhere in India. Their intentions to make India corruption-free was questioned by media suspiciously.  Volunteers of 'India against corruption' & supporters of Anna did Gheraos of their houses. In short, they were on the receiving end throughout the Andolan. They realized that they should not dare to speak anything against 'Anna' now. We have already seen what happened to Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal, Arundhati Roy after their statements against Shri.Anna Hazare?  In fact this movement by people have hurt egos of many MPs & MLAs. Anna has explained many times that 'we chose politicians to serve people.So they should act like trustees and not like Maharajas for their 5 yrs tenure'. This has made many politicians angry & somehow they wanted to vent-off somewhere. That's the reason why Om Puri has become their target now. 

The day Om Puri gave speech he was applauded by the people which made him more enthusiastic and he became quite emotional & said whatever he felt was right. He spoke like a citizen of India, but he forgot that he is a 'public figure' and not a 'common man'. Politicians who took 42 yrs to pass Janlokpal bill, didn't needed much time to act against Om Puri.Omji's point was right. He said that all the candidates who get election tickets should be well-qualified. But the words 'Anpadh, Gavaar' & 'Nalayak' were enough to   prove him guilty.

Balasaheb Thackeray raised a question, "Does Om Puri takes all his fees by Cheques ?" It gave one more chance to media to target Om Puri. Hopefully, the politicians will consider overall situation in which Om Puri gave that speech & will accept his apology. 

But unfortunately no one is asking Laloo Prasad to apologize Anna for his remarks on his fitness/health after 12 days on anshan ? Not a single person from  Parliament raised any objection against his comments.  

 "Social activists in Maharashtra do not eat fodder" - well explained by Thackeray :))     

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