Taran Adarsh gave 'TERE BIN LADEN' 3.5 stars out of 5, but people gave it 9 stars out of 11 :) Pakistani singer Ali Zafar entered in Bollywood through this humorous movie.America bombed Afaganistan and Islamic counties post 9/11 to take revenge of the 9/11 terrorist attack. They could not kill Osama bin Laden till 2010 and even when their Navy seal Six team killed him,they disposed his dead body in sea. So overall, the US fight against terrorism has always been criticized, in and out of America.

    After 9/11, USA made religion 'Islam' synonym to 'Terrorism'. George W Bush was praised all over America for his War against terrorism in last decade. But now Barack Obama is facing the heat of recession due to the loans USA has on her head. 

Tere Bin Laden
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            The political 'Satire' comedy of 'Tere bin Laden' is quite rib-tickling. When America killed 'Osama bin Laden' in Abbottabad Pakistan, we saw pics, scenes of TBL all over the Facebook. News channels announced 'OBAMA has been KILLED', which added more humor to atmosphere. Seriously the film has changed 'Dangerous' face of Osama in 'Comedian'. When Noora's Eggs gets replaced by AK-47,we can't stop our laughter :)

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            This film was criticized by many and it faced a ban in several Muslim dominated countries & USA. Crew members of film got threatening calls from Osama Supporters.But nevertheless, general audience loved it and they appreciated acting of all the actors from this movie. Fake Osama became famous all over India. But the director of film denied sequel of the film. He feels the script of 'Tere bin Laden' was quite intelligently written. He doesn't want to make Osama, a funny character purposely. 

                On the anniversary of 9/11, America is on high alert.None of us wants another 9/11, but we surely want to see Sequel of 'Tere bin Laden'.
                                     Abhishek Sharma...Are you listening ? :)




  1. I enjoy your blog ~ very intersting and thought provoking ~ I had never heard of this film before. I look forward to reading your future posts!! Kind Regards ~ alice

  2. I have not seen the movie i hope to catch it up on DVD or some TV channel.

  3. I watched the movie clueless of what it is. And i was like whoa..


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