Chammak Challo

Wanna be my 'Chammak Challo'?
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10 funny meanings of word  'Chammak Challo' 

1) Chammak Challo is a slang for 'beautiful woman with zero size figure'.

2) Chammak is derived  from 'Chamak'.
The word 'Chamak' means  'shine' and challo means 'Go'.Whenever any iron gets rusted it becomes 'Chammak Challo' :)

3) Chammak Challo was code word of Congress against 'Shining India' campaign of NDA.     The word   'Chamak' means  'shine' and challo means 'go'.Same meaning :)

4) Chammak  Challo is a popular brand of powder which can be used for cleaning cloths and utensils.Sometimes Tinku Jiya uses it as 'Manjan'. Hell, now who is this 'Tinku Jiya?'

5) 'Chammak challo' is another name  for 'chudails'/lady dayans' who wear ghoongru in legs and walk making noise of chamm chamm in the night.

6) In Marathi Chammak challo word is used for girls of type 'मी नाही त्यातली,कडी लाव आतली'.
     Easy Girls who wear lot of make-up, and shiny bright dresses like Chameli.

7) Chammak challo is a word, on which all the reporters  of India are doing  research,as they want to explain it to actor Aamir Khan.

8)  Rakhi Sawant wants to dance in 'MPs' (Saansad or Sansad,not sure) on her item song to become number one Chammak challo

9) People search in Google 'Akon wanna be my chammak challo'...Ok perhaps Akon is the next hot item girl in the town  ;)

10) Some say, In Lanka Raavan had one 'nartika'/dancer whose name was 'Chammak Challo'.
     (May be they think Ra One is slang for Ravaan :p )

Whatever  may be the meaning of word 'Chammak Challo', it's on everyone's mind :) 


  1. You have a wonderful, witty sense of humor...;>)

  2. An educative post on the word Chammak Challo!

    The post really enriched my knowldge about the word.

    A good one!

  3. You proved that people named as DEEPAK are certainly intelligents by birth :P :P Interesting research bro :)

  4. I loved ur comment..Thanks Deepak


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