Falguni Pathak - 'Queen of Dandiya'

Falguni Pathak
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              She is back ! 'Queen of Dandiya' Falguni Pathak is performing this year again in Navratri with 'Sankalp'. The festival of Navratri is incomplete without garba and dandiya.Falguni is unarguably the 'mover and shaker' of Dandiya.  Organizers of Sankalp, sell maximum entry passes every year only on her name. The 'Ta thaiya' music band and sensual voice of 'Dandiya queen' is the main attraction of their Dandiya festival for more than a decade. 'Non-stop 90' by Falguni Pathak has been the most sold MP3 during the festival of Durga Puja. Odhani odhe to....is one of the best dandiya song which you hear in most of the Garba mandal. Her vibrant performance and energetic voice makes crowd dance whole night, all 9 days. Even after Navratri, Falguni never takes break.She goes abroad (US ,UK) to perform in more stage shows. Love of her fans all over India has kept her young even at the age of 47.Mumbai based Gujju singer made her debut as Indian pop singer in 1998 and within few years she became 'Queen of dandiya' through her folk based songs.

             Falguni Pathak's Music albums are very popular.Every song she sang, has good lyrics and equally good music.The music is mostly close to Gujrathi folk music,yet has unique modern touch.Every video of her album is refreshing and youthful. The best part being the innocence of the characters and happy ending of story. Colorful sets,romantic concepts, new fresh faces and her appearances in videos, everything about her music videos was simply cute :P. 'Yaad piya ki aane lagi' was her debut album which made her famous overnight.She had huge fan-following after her first album itself.Credit goes to some really popular numbers from the album.After YPKAL,she gave some more albums like Meri chunar ud ud jaaye, Yeh kisne jadu kiya, Dil jhoom jhoom nache dilbar and O piya leke doli aa. Many current stars featured in her videos decade back. Ayesha Takia, Shahid Kapoor,Riya Sen to name few. 

      'Yaad piya ki aane lagi's crying Riya Sen when her Sari-pallu get stuck in car, Chappal dance by Ayesha and Trisha in 'Meri chunar ud ud jaaye...', Boy vs Girl competitions in 'Savaan me morni..', Dancing girl on rope and moonface of 'O piya leke doli aa..',The hat of 'Indhana Winva gayi...' and ofcourse DDLJ puppets from 'maine payal hain ..',there are so many things people remember about her amazing music videos. 

Miss those wonderful days, when 'love songs' were melodious & music videos were 'innocent'.Love you Falguni, you are not only 'Queen of Dandiya'..but also 'Queen of Indipop'...!




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