Former Indian captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi died at 70

                                   Nawab Pataudi died

Nawab of Pataudi : Mansoor Ali Khan  aka Tiger
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      Nawab Pataudi died today,due to infection in lungs. He was former Indian cricketer. Our generation knew him as father of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Soha Ali Khan.We didn't saw him playing cricket,but we definitely saw him in some advertisements on Doordarshan.

     When Saif Ali Khan entered film industry with his first film, there was news about his debut in all leading newspapers.I suppose,only after reading that news, I came to know that 'Pataudi' was not his name.It was name of one province. Nawab of Pataudi's real name was 'Mansoor Ali Khan' and today only I came to know his real name was 'Mansoor Ali Hussain Siddiqui'. Nawab means 'deputy of princely states' during Mughal period.Pataudi  province saw 9 Nawabs and Mansoor Ali Khan was 9th and last deputy of Pataudi till all states got dissolved few years after independence. M A K Pataudi and his father both played cricket for India. Infact,his father Iftikar Ali Hussain Siddique played cricket for both, Britishers and Indians. So on cricket field Mansoor Ali was 'Pataudi Jr'. In his early age itself he lost vision of his right eye in car accident,yet he made career in Cricket due to  his passion for the game.
       He was promoted as captain when he was just 21 years old.In his Cricket career (1957-1972) he played 46 test matches out of which he was Captain in 40 matches,that itself shows his good leadership quality.Under his captaincy Indian cricket team won for the first time on foreign soil of New Zealand . He scored 6 centuries and some 16 fifties in his test career.He was youngest captain of India.

     Mansoor Ali Khan was very quick on the field so his team started calling him 'Tiger'. Tiger had aggressive batting style and he always played his natural game.He was Tiger who preyed with one eye. His disability never became his weakness.  He always had faith in his team,which made him popular amongst team players. His personality was really good and for him Bollywood actress Sharmila Tagore changed her religion to Islam and married him in December 1969. Padmashree Nawab Pataudi was well known personality even after he retired from Cricket.He always supported Delhi Cricket club and new comers in Delhi cricket. Few years back he was booked by Police for hunting female black buck.Perhaps that's the only controversial thing we know about. 

        Today he died in Gangaram hospital where he was admitted for treatment of lung related disease. Late Nawab M A K Pataudi has his wife Sharmila, two daughters and one son behind him. Whole nation is with Saif and his family during this period.  May Tiger's soul rest in peace. 



  1. Great information on Pataudi Sr. If I am not mistaken Iftikar Ali Pataudi, played Hockey for India as well and won an Olympic medal. He was a part of the England team at the famous bodyline series as well under Douglas Jardine. Great father to a great son Tiger will be missed. Sad Saif turned out this way...

  2. Yes, you r rite.Both Father & Son were honored by Wisden during their period.

  3. 'Birth' and 'death' is inevitable in every man's life; this great man made the very best use of his gifted life. The legendary status which he achieved in his life inspite of his one-eyedness inspires us to the core. Obviously, this 'tiger' will live among us for eternity.......

  4. What a lovely tribute to a very interesting man ~ such a sad end...

  5. Glad you paid this tribute to the maestro. His legacy will certainly live on and inspire future generations of cricketers.


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