Joy of giving week 2011 (Oct 2 - Oct 8)

Joy  of giving week ,2011
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          India is getting ready to celebrate 'Joy of giving week of 2011'. This  philanthropy festival started in India in the year 2009 and within two years, it become 'important week' for all the NGOs and CSR divisions. The name of the festival was suggested by an Ad agency Euro RSCG India, which handled Media and PR related work for the festival. Overall 500  plus events are carried out in more than 70 cities in India during this week. The week of Mahatma Gandhiji's birthday i.e 2nd October has been  chosen for 'India Giving Week', as it can gain National importance. 
          Not-for-profit organizations,Corporate CSR divisions, Government Schools, and Non-government organizations carries out different fundraising activities during this week.Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar both supported this idea and also helped raise more than Rs.20 Crore for NGOs working for different social causes. Apart from these two, many eminent personalities in India support and participate in this week. The previous year has seen more than 1 Million volunteers giving their maximum hours to this festival.

           The donations of all kinds are accepted during this week,in monetary form or in kind. You can donate cloths, note-books, medicines, utensils, or many other household things which you wish to donate to needy people. Companies can encourage their employees,customers,vedors,suppliers to donate Online to Organizations of their choice. Bloggers should try to write a post  about 'Importance of giving' and 'Joy of giving week '.In case if you don't want to donate money, you can still become part of this festival by volunteering for local NGOs. It's our social responsibility to promote such a great philanthropic  festival. If we can spend money on Crackers during festivals just to get Momentary Fun, why can't we donate same money to some really good cause instead? 

            Let's remember that we belong to a land of the Danveer Karna, Bali raja (Indian mythology) and great Acharya Vinoba Bhave (land donation movement). Let's make people aware of this 'meaningful festival of philanthropy'. Friends let's do our bit for society and celebrate this week in real sense. 

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          Happy 'JOY OF GIVING WEEK (Oct 2 - Oct 8) 2011' to all Indians !!!     


  1. looking forward to celebrate the joy of giving week; obviously, this week will be a 'ray of hope' for the hapless souls in India

  2. This is wonderful! I really wish we had something like this here, in the U.S. ~ there really is more joy in giving than receiving, or keeping. What a fantastic idea!!

  3. Yes,it's indeed a joy..
    Thanks 4 comment, Alice :)

  4. It's a great endeavor and wish it serves it's purpose!!! Amen!!!

  5. Sounds like a great idea! Best of luck.

  6. I liked this post. Its great to help without excepting anything in return. It yields an awesome feeling of comfort & satisfaction. I hope it gets successful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Celebration with a noble purpose. Most meaningful celebration, I would say. Unfortunately I am out of India. Will spread this message to friends to relatives.

  8. Thanks 4 spreading message Mr.Hariharan

  9. Thanks for spreading the awareness on the Joy of Giving Week.

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