Taj-e-hindustaa shaheer hai tu, 
                                           Ishq-o-wafa ki tabeer hai tu !

                                           Naaz-e-hind shamsheer hai tu 
                                           Dilpar bani lakeer hai tu !
                                            Mannat-E-Khuda ki  tasveer hai tu,
                                           Jannat-E-Jahan 'Kashmir hai tu !

                                           - Deepak Doddamani



  1. Heavenly shots and great words. It's like a treat...

  2. Yes,the place itself is awesome !!!
    Thanks Rajesh & Neeraj :-)

  3. i am envious of u! these are wonderful photos...

  4. Deepak.The pictures are awesome, that apart, it reminds me of a sizeable period of where I spent time well...cheers.

  5. nice pics esp the last one however you could have gone wider on the 3rd pic and had the whole road .. just gives more continuity.. and the 2nd pic, I would have avoided the lake being cut off from two regions. Lastly, in the first pic, on the top left, the skies merge with the mountains in a not so good way, probably the fault of the camera but do note such things, people don't get to go to kashmir often, so why ruin the chance that we get... right? -Rishi

  6. looks fab...the 4th pic is quite nice (mite be better if the snow wasnt around in the lower portion)! shooting snow is always tricky and these have come of well. but i do agree with rishi's feedback on img 3.

  7. Fabulous pictures and nice shayiri!! Keep it up!!


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