Mysterious energy

                                            MYSTERIOUS ENERGY

    Mass & energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed.They  can be transformed  from one form into another.Universal mass & energy remains constant.  

   We learned this law in our school. Human body is made up of mass & energy both. When we die,our body is buried or given fire. The physical body gets converted to ash, molecules.What happens to our mind, thoughts.Does the form of energy also gets converted to heat energy, or it releases to take a form of 'Soul'? 

         Ah...lot of Scientific knowledge is required to understand it.May be sciences of biochemistry, psychology etc. Let's not get into details of this & assume that we have some  energies around us to whom we call souls, supernatural powers or ghosts. Those who believe in God should believe in evil powers too. Because if positive energy exists somewhere negative energy of similar amount should be there.That's the reason we have equilibrium. Otherwise there would be complete instability. The law of conservation of Mass & Energy is valid universally. 

         So if these energies doesn't have any shape or size, that implies that they can take any shape. And if we also have some energy flowing in our bodies, it is sure that we might sometimes come in contact with these external mysterious energies.If this is true, then how can we deny the probability of getting attracted 'by or towards' such energies? Energies can become more intensified in contact with similar energies. Our bodies are made up of infinitesimally large number of molecules and hence we can send vibrations outside our body. So can such vibrations affect the persons in our vicinity? Can external energies enter inside our bodies?

              Energies are always present around us. So how can someone say that mysterious energies are found only in some specific haunted places & graveyards? And how can you say that ghosts comes only in nights? They can be present anywhere, anytime and in any form if  they are really made up of some mysterious energies.
That means ghosts exists...

Perhaps, one of them might be sitting there right besides you staring at you.

Who knows ?? perhaps just now you are reading a post written by a Ghost ??? 

                                             GUEST POST WRITTEN BY 
Late. Ms. Pipalwali Chudail
(Miss Kabristan 2011 runner up )
(Image courtesy: fanpop)




  1. Very thought provoking is very interesting trying to reconcile scientific discovery with the "spirit," "soul," or "emotional" realm of things. You bring up some very interesting points to I have some thinking to do! Great post :>)

  2. sorry, but i didnt understand the logic. just because there are energies that have to be absolved-why should there be ghosts? thery can be recycled-in rebirth. Or they can just be energies floating around that can be attracted or repelled by our thoughts and actions

  3. lolz...yeh thats equally's nice 2 c smeone finding logic in my random thoughts :)
    thanks confused yuppie


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