Rath Yatra 2011

                                               RATH YATRA 2011

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        September 1990, a Toyota chariot started from Somnath in Gujarat towards disputed Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Bharatiya Janta Party president L.K. Advani used this Rath Yatra as  a weapon against secular Congress to gain strong support from Hindu people. He used sensitive issue of Ram Mandir to gain political mileage,and succeeded in strengthening NDA. 

       Rath Yatra of 1990 played a crucial role in  bringing NDA in power in subsequent election. Shri. Atal Bihari Bajpayee became the face of NDA, but the remote control of Government remained in the hands of BJP and then deputy PM L.K.Advani. Common people paid high price for this power change. Thousand of people died in the riots after the demolition of Babri Masjid.But till then BJP had achieved what they wanted to achieve from Rath Yatra. Fanatic Hindus & Muslims became mere pawns of the big political game. Public realised their mistakes and that resulted in denial of L.K.Advani as Prime Ministerial candidate in recent elections. 

     After Atal Bihari's retirement from active politics,BJP didn't had any strong face. 'Storng leader & decisive government' campaign which they used to promote L.K. Advani, didn't worked for them. Sonia's foreign origin was targeted during the election campaign, and the election campaign was fought more on Leadership platform and not on party platform. But people opted Sonia over Advani and he lost his last hope of becoming prime minister. Sonia made a smart political move by making Shri Manmohan Singh,Prime minister of India & kept remote in her own hands.
     After successful tenure of UPA - 1 & giving stable government, congress started behaving unsympathetically towards people. The scams by their leaders, corruption, inflation and terrorism, government failed on every front.The autocratic leadership started annoying general public and social activists. India Against Corruption organization started revolt against the corrupt government and 'Anna Hazare' became symbol of 'Anti-corruption'. Team Anna successfully mobilized people in the movement against corruption. 

        BJP was mere spectator is this movement.But at the end of the 'Anshan' by Anna, it surely tried to take credit for this. They realized the anger of people against corruption and now once again they want to capitalize on this. BJP is already raising the issue of inflation from last election itself.But people have faith in Shri.Manmohan Singh and his knowledge of economics. So somehow the 'inflation card' didn't worked for opposition.

        But BJP is now coming up with 'Rath Yatra' against Corruption. It's interesting that L.K.Advani didn't even bothered to discuss about this with his party before announcing it. There are rumors that BJP party leaders doesn't want to project L.K. Advani as next prime ministerial candidate on 2014 and give a chance to younger candidate as Prime Minister. But L.K. Advani has different game plans. He understands how to en-cash the distress in public against government. He knows how to use 'Sentiments' of people. He is planning 'Mid-term' elections & he is determined to become 'PRIME MINISTER' of INDIA. 

            It will be really interesting to see,whether only fanatic hindus, RSS, VHP, BJP supporters join this Rath Yatra or BJP will manage to gain support from general public. 'Mass mobilization' by social worker who has devoted his life to country can be understood. But 'mass-mobilization' for political advantage is not as easy task.Is BJP under-estimating will power of people against corruption or they think us fool ? Fight against corruption can not be won without their support, is it what they think? Do people have only single option left against Congress ?  Well, the 'TIME' will answer all the questions. We can just pray that this 'Rath Yatra' will not harm peace of the nation. 

Rath Yatra by L.K.Advani in 1990
(Courtesy : Google Image)



  1. Using secular word for congress is underestimating the definition of secularism. Congress has always played the minority card which incited the majority Hindus to vote for BJP.

    Weakest LINK

  2. The proposed Yatra will make no difference to the common man except that it may affect the electoral politics and that too 'perhaps'. Which party is free from corruption today? See what happened to the BJP CM of Uttarakhand yesterday... We all know what BJP did in Karnataka when it came to power there.

  3. Yeh..Agree with U..its hard 2 find non-corrupt party in Politics :(

    Thanks 4 comment Matheikalji :)


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