The Butterfly

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(Silver bowl award winner poetry for yr. 2001   on ) 

         Once  I saw a girl, sitting in my lawn 
she was pretty-looking, wearing flowers on her gown.
She kept her knees on the ground,
Started looking for something, pleased when found.

She got up & started running,
She didn't knew, I was watching.
When I reached to her,angrily I asked her
Excuse me mam,have you picked any flower? 

She said 'NO', and started walking,
I followed her constantly talking,
Something held in her hand she kept walking,
I was curious,what would be 'that' thing ?

I hold her hand,she got shocked,
Her fingers got released, which were blocked 
A tiny little butterfly,escaped from her hand
I kept looking at her, but she didn't stand.

Those colors of butterfly gave her such pleasure,
She was an angel,those colors were her treasure. 

-  Deepbaazigar ( Deepak Doddamani)

The Butterfly
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