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 Haunted by her love,
He lost his everything
Burning in revenge he,
 Destroyed his everything
    Haunted by her Memories,
      He hardly remembers anything
 Burning in rejection
 He hardly likes anything
Haunted by his passion
     World for him means nothing 
    Haunted by his Madness
        Everything except her,is nothing
        He is still searching her in his blood,
          Where she is running like a poison 
            He is haunted by the Ghost of past,
         Where he lost his life's only reason 

- Deepbaazigar


  1. Awww, there are few lines which are so simple yet with a deep impact...Closing lines are superb...

  2. Thanks SARU...
    That was not from heart..So is quite Mediocre :)

  3. Amazing...so simple, yet brings out the emotions!

  4. Lol..Simplicity is because of my limited Vocabulary,nothing else :P

    Thanks 4 liking Cloud Nine

  5. How passionate and raw with emotion.....I am hoping you didn't have to go through this sort of torture that "love" can produce.....but usually great writing only can occur after great heartache...:>( Beautiful poetry, dear friend!!


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