POVERTY IN INDIA 
Image courtesy: India Study Channel

Wearing dirty torn cloths 
  and carrying garbage sack
   She started picking garbage 
   Empty bottles,plastic bags

 Crossing the railway track
She reached near a shade
 Kept her sack there and
Went to buy a bread

She went to railway canteen
and bought a Vada-Pav
She removed Vada from it
and Opened-up that Pav

 From her garbage sack 
She took out a newspaper
She emptied all chutney
 and added some pepper

 Sprinkling some water
She observed her hunger
Mixing well the matter
   She started licking finger

     She handed over the Vada-Pav
To her naked younger brother
And herself ate that chutney
with piece of Newspaper

Looking happily at her brother
She tied a wet cloth on her belly
 She knew how to kill her hunger
As she practiced it daily

That eleven years old girl
 represents the Indian poverty
Out of total  Population percents
it counts whooping forty    

 Hungry,Poor, malnutrition-ed India
  is truly sad face of our nation
Without eradicating the poverty
 How's possible '2020 Revolution?

- Deepbaazigar


  1. That was a stark post Deepak. While reading one is not aware of the girl's age till it is mentioned. Poverty indeed is a weapon of mass destruction.

  2. touchy post...


  3. Thanks Cybernag
    and SUB (Evolving Daddyji)...

    India has two India's within it,
    A Rich one and a Poor one.

  4. It's very annoying to see such scenes. Third last paragraph is so touchy. Excellent work Deepak!

  5. Ahh..We run away from the Truth, as we can't see such scenes.There are many ways by which these poor Indians kill their hunger which are more tragic than the one I described.

    Thanks 4 liking it Saru.

  6. @Deepak: This is really a heart touching though heart wrecking piece of yours.......u have showed the true picture of poor India.....

  7. Thanks Hemant,
    Worst thing is that more than 6 decades have a passed after our Independence,still we have heart-breaking Poverty :(

  8. It is really a heart touching post depicting poverty

  9. OMG it's so touchy...n the big thing is it's a hard fact of life...poverty!

  10. 'A penny saved is a penny gained'; But pennies can't save the day for today's folks....While the poor live with pennies, the rich live with comfies. Someone in India has got to find a solution to alleviate poverty. Obviosly, their one "SUPER IDEA' to alleviate poverty will fetch them the noble price....

    From: sriramnivas.wordpress.com

  11. Poverty is not only related to only Economics. There are many socio-political factors causing Poverty.
    Thanks 4 ur genuine wish Srinivas.

  12. I have been writing on the subject for a long time now, and not only from a narrow economist's perspective, though I was trained as an economist. All things wretched in India are intertwined with the vexed issue of poverty: corruption, ignorance, superstition, casteism, inequality, obsession with so-called 'assured' careers to the detriment of all real art and science, you name it. And our country (I shall not make the mistake of blaming only the political class) has chosen to keep it unsolved for more than six decades, despite pious pronouncements without number. Of late, we have even decided that the two Indias can happily cohabit: let the top ten percent get rich by global standards, and then the bottom 40% won't matter... and then we pretend that we cannot 'understand' why the advanced world so despises us still, or why there is so much unrest and rebellion all over the country!

  13. I guess everyone knows the root-cause of Poverty in India,but the question remains are our efforts adequate enough to eradicate Poverty upto 2020? I afraid the answer is 'NO'

    Thanks 4 giving your great perspective on the subject Survoji :)

  14. Very touching piece Deepak....you know what is the main hitch in helping poor?So many people want to contribute for them but are skeptic of anything reaching them..actually this corruption too is a tool of mass destruction.
    And another thing-we have often gone & spread blankets over persons sleeping out in cold----you know what they do...they sell them off & the next day they are sleeping without the blankets again!
    I once knit a cardigan for a small baby & gave it to the poor mother she was so apathetic -did not even put it over him---they probably think that this will spoil their habits!!

  15. Thanks a lot Induji;you may be right in some way; but we shouldn't stop giving to society just because there is a corruption; isn't it?
    Thanks for the comment

  16. The Stark reality of today 's India! Well written Deepbaazihar Sir!!


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