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Bloody hell,
I am not afraid of death
But yeah,
Your damn intentions,
will fail

Death is hovering
on my head,
You can't even touch me
till I am dead

Who the f##k you
think you are?
Any Undertaker?
You are just Scavenger
& no Terminator

Smell of my blood
Brought you here?
Wait you
You Ba#t#ds
Wear and tear

You wanna eat me,
Eat me haa?
Come on you
Bald Creatures
Eat me na

Not gonna die
I'm in this way
You ugly creature
just stay away

Stay away from me
You devoid feathers
I'm more evil
for you
I am
Dracula of Vultures

- Deepbaazigar

  (Note: Dedicated to all Vultures who interfere in your lives 
to spoil it under the name of Cultures
Yeh, Dedicated To Unwanted relatives.
I don't hate real Vultures :) In fact,I adore them )

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  1. Nice metaphor.......These lines will surely help us to face the vultures that add misery to our lives. So you manipulative vultures, "better stay away from our lives!!!"



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