Why I still support Anna ?

Anna against Congress
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          The generalization of the reasons for supporting Anna in the 'Second freedom struggle' was perfectly all right,  as it was mass mobilization against the evil of corruption. But the recent move by 'Team Anna' has seriously confused their supporters. The over-confidence of 'Team Anna' after initial win and the arrogant statements by  determined (egoistic?) team member Arvind Kejariwal has created dilemma in many young supporters.As Congress is ruling party and has clear majority in UPA-II, any battle against Government will be considered as 'Battle against Congress'.Hence Team Anna's recent appeal to people in Hissar can be considered as extended strategy of their game-plan.
     Those who feel Anna is dictator,perhaps don't know much about him.But Maharashtra people who have seen Anna's previous battles against corrupt politicians like Sureshdada Jain, can easily tell you that Anna is very much working as Team-player now and he is less 'autocratic' in this movement. Anna has given best results whenever he lead people of Maharashtra with his 'autocratic' leadership style,which is his natural style (Ekdum Dabangg). So we can easily say that Anna is following IAC's Gameplans (includes famous trio of Team Anna). Still the fight against Congress can be considered as 'Politics' and not 'Social Work'.
       But sweeping dirt from politics can be termed as Social work,Isn't it? I always believed that rather than discussing whether Anna is Gandhian or not?,consider whatever Anna is doing as 'Annagiri'.Then only there will be no comparison between Gandhiji's ways and Anna's methods.This will help us to see Anna's work in new light and without any presumptions.Yet,I will not generalize reasons to support Anna this time. 

I support ANNA for following reasons.

 'Stable government' is really a very important factor for economical development.But it's equally important that every single citizen should get benefited from it.The gap between rich and poor India can only be filled if Government remains on its toes throughout it's tenure.Hence to maintain dynamism we have to bring a change in political system very soon. Before the Congressmen become stagnant due to absolute power and develops 'chalta hai' attitude, people should change the equations again. 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.Hence it's important to give chance to NDA again,yes the less corrupt opposition considering the fact that longer the tenure, more opportunities for black money and in turn more corruption. Freshers works more enthusiastically to prove their ability.In politics every time you gain power after a gap,you are fresher again.

Last 2-3 years we have seen really worst governance by Congress in Indian history. Government's efforts related to Fight against 1) terrorism, 2) Inflation rate 3) Scams and corruption are inefficient. So it's time to kick them off.

I know it sounds controversial. But trust me,I am against any fundamentalism.The global scenario is seriously disturbing.America's war against terrorism has been considered as 'War on Islam',throughout the world in Islamic nations.Considering the increasing communication gap between Christians and Muslims, their are chances of more unwanted events in near future. The unity among Muslims (21% of world population) is seriously worth appreciating. While most of Christians (33%) live in developed nations. India is still a developing nation and has amalgamation of different religions. But out of 14% of Hindu population of world, India has the largest population of Hindus. So somewhere in recent future we will definitely need a nation united under Hinduism. Call it insecurity or call it precaution,but it's truth of the future. Hence BJP will surely play a major role in coming future.

I am afraid that if Congress comes in power again, Rahul Gandhi will become Prime Minister of India.My God,even this thought is enough to force me support BJP. Narendra Modi is really better option.Oops, in fact any non-Gandhi Prime Minister is tolerable. :P

  Statement: Removing 'Congress' is equivalent to removing 'Corruption' from India.
                                          Corruption = Congress........(known  fact)
             Therefore, India against corruption = India against Congress  .......(1)

        India against corruption = Team Anna = n * Anna...(as everyone says 'Main Anna Hoon)
                       Therefore, Support to IAC = Support to 'N' number Annas......(2)

  Equation (1) and (2) gives: 
           Support to IACorruption = Support to IACongress = Support n*Anna ....(3)  

which will lead to

Removal of Congress = Removal of Corruption 

  Formula for calculation:
      c = Aex  
  Here C = Corruption
                                                        x = Number of years (Congress tenure)
                    A= Growth factor= Constant   
            To conclude, I still support Anna (even in the battle against Congress).

              (Note: Read why I supported Anna for battle against corruption here )


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