Ajay Khan

                                                            ME and She 

Deepak Doddamani (Deepbaazigar)

She: Wow Deepak, your hair are so Silky..
Me: Yes, I know 
She: You are so lucky
Me: Am I ?
She: Indeed you are, you don't use comb and still set them correctly just using hands.
Me: Ha ha ..What's a big deal in it? Many guys do it.
She: Btw, which shampoo do you use?
Me: I don't Shampoo my hair. I use normal Soap.
She: Ok, so you mean to say,your hair are so smooth using just Shikekai soap?
Me: Shikekai ? What Shikekai? I don't use separate soap for hair.
She: Yukkkks, you mean you apply bathing bar to your hair too Eeeeeeeeee...
           You told me,don't tell any other girl this thing,she will laugh at you
Me: Whatever..
She: So do you apply any Oil on it for nourishment?
Me: What rubbish? Have you ever seen Oil in my hair? I used to apply parachute     coconut oil during my childhood. I left Oil too?
She: So how come your hair have shine?
Me: That is because of gel which I apply sometimes,to set my hair
She: No wonder,you imitate SRK's hairstyle of Pardes. I know you are big fan of SRK.
Me: Yes I am SRK fan. But I follow Maddy's hairstyle from RHTDM. I love my hairs falling on my eye-brows. 
She:Start using Shampoo,or your hair will become white very soon and I will start calling you Uncle
Me: Whenever I go out of Mumbai, I use Shampoo due to hardness of Water.Rest of the time I don't use. I don't want to experiment with chemicals on my hair.
She: Aha ha..You mean, we all are fool that we use Shampoos ,Conditioners, Oils etc.
Me: Did I said that? I said I don't use any.I never use them often.Still my hair are good.
She: Yeh, you are to ekdum Ajay Devgan na?
Me: (Blushing)
She: Now,what happened? Why are you laughing?
Me: My Ex-Girl friend's Mom use to say that I look like Ajay Devgan sideways.

She: (Laughing loudly) Oh my God, her mother? Ha ha ha. And what about her?
Me: She used to say my eyebrows are like Ashutosh Rana. May be she never noticed my hair. 
She: Yeh (Sigh), She didn't noticed anything good in you. not even your heart.
Me: (Flattered) You know during my college days I tried to keep my hair like Ajay Devgan from Pyaar toh Hona hi tha. I had slight brown shade/patch on my front hair.
She:Sheeee you know Tapori guys do such things,Halogen and all.I can't believe it.
Me: Oops, I used colors and not halogen.
She: You could have used Mehendi na?
Me: I don't understand all these things. I like my hair the way they are.
She: Hmm I love your hairstyle. 
Me: Ha ha ha. Even my barber says so. He finds it easy to turn and cut the way he wants to.
She: You must try Spikes 
Me: Naah,it doesn't suits my personality. 
She: You must try, for a change.
Me: No ways,
She: You are such a Old man
Me: I don't give much importance to my hair.The day I will start doing so,I will start losing my hair. 
She: You are so stupid
Me: I am,Btw why don't you try new hairstyle..
She: Why not? You tell me how do you want me to look like?
Me: Try Shabana Azmi wala hair style
She: No re,she has such a long beautiful hairs. I can't grow hair so much.
Me: I am talking about her haircut from movie Water
She: Stupid,Idiot....
Me: Hahaha...Don't worry,even if you become bald,I will keep loving you.
She: So sweet..that's why I love you my Ajay Khan :P


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  2. Creativity at its best- nice one.

  3. Lol...Thanks Buffy,
    But that is not creativity,
    It's a true conversation :p

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  5. Totally filmy! Full on Bollywood drama this was !

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    Yeh Vasumathi Bollywood influences Indians many a times ..lol

    Thanks both 4 reading it..

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