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                                                           EXTRA TIME
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        Ask any football player what is the importance of 'extra time' in life. Watch pleading faces of students who beg for extra time during examinations when the paper is lengthy. 'Extra time' means a lot. The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they manage their time? Everyone gets 24 hrs in a day, but what matters is 'how you utilize your time?' 

                How will you spend two extra hours, if days are made of 26 hrs? The question made me think, do I really value time? And to my surprise the answer was 'NO'. In my life I have spend lot of time in sleeping,watching television, surfing net and many other such activities which can not be considered as fruitful. I have seen some movies 10-10 times ( Jumanji, DDLJ, Sholay, Terminator etc. list is long). I have been active on internet from almost a decade ( yahoo chat, orkut, facebook and now blogger). So is it worth that person like me who waste so much time in useless activities get 2 extra hours per day? I don't think so. 

               If we remove 8-10 hrs sleeping time, 3 hrs travelling time, 8-10 hrs work time, and 1 hrs of regular activities we get hardly 2-4 hrs to spend with our family or friends and for yourself. So obviously if I get extra 2 hours per day, I will spend it on something which can help me to improve myself. 

 I will spend 2 hrs daily in Vipassana meditation - 1 hour in morning and 1 hour at evening.

      It will be a very smart move. Let me explain you why? I have attended two 10-days courses in Igatpuri, Nashik. I found it very useful but due to my laziness I could never made it a regular practice. Although I knew the benefits of Vipassana, I could not continue it more than a month after returning from meditation centers both the time. 

       Meditation helps you improve your concentration and focus on your present. We waste so much time of our life in remembering our past or worrying about our future. Vipassana meditation is a technique which teaches you to live in present. It teaches us that nothing is permanent and it helps us to focus more on whatever we are doing in present. Also the meditation is really useful for your mental and physical health. Those who practice it regularly stay fit and energetic whole day. Two hours Vipassana per day will help me add 2 extra hours in my day as after practicing it daily  6 hrs sleep a day is more than enough to stay you awake rest of the day with same energy. Isn't it a smart move? 

       Due to lack of determination and improper priorities of life I never made it a regular habit. But in last two months due to unhealthy lifestyle and backpain problem, I have really understood why people say 'Health is Wealth'? It's true materialistic life can lead to health disaster, both at mental and physical level. Hence spiritual peace is really important to balance your personal and professional lives. 

        God can not give me 2 extra hours a day.Hence I must either reduce TV time or Net time to save my 2 hrs per day. So I must myself adjust 2 days daily for Vipassana if in case I really want to live healthy life ahead. Cheers !!


  1. I really want to be able to do meditation but have never been able to do it. I have heard great things about Vipassana. Great post.

  2. Thank you Swapna. Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak, Mahavir,Sant Kabir to recent G.D.Goenkaji Vipassana has been taught in India through Guru-Shishya paramparaa...

  3. Great post and even better idea to spend two hours. Vipassana meditation.

    I could never meditate really. I have what they call "chanchal Mind". But it helps me though :)

    Best of luck and keep blogging.

  4. Thank you Ranting; Infact 'Chanchal mind' people need to meditate more as their minds are not stable and focus keep shifting ;)


  6. Google it ;)
    Thanks 4 comment Jai Hanuman

  7. a very enlightening post.. i have mastered yoga myself and sadly i rarely find tym for it these days.. feel lyk keeping apart a few mts for it every day after reading ur post . . keep writing :)


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