Keenan and Reuben murders case

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            "Mumbai killed my Son",was the sentence by Niraj Grover's father. And now Keenan's friends are blaming Mumbai for it's in-sensitiveness. I have grown up in this beautiful city and I feel sad when someone blames Mumbai for anything. It's one of the most secured place in India to live. Mumbai people are really helpful and have great unity. How can city which have heart to accommodate and feed lakhs of people be responsible for someone's murder? How can a metro city where people from different languages,religions, states and countries live together happily will turn into crime city,suddenly ? Let's accept the fact that the migration,the poverty and the unemployment are major reasons behind crimes. But then what about crimes like eve teasing and rapes which are due to poverty of  characters and conscientiousness ? 

                    Those who can think rightly, can act rightly.Thoughts can be expressed properly with words. So to vent off their anger, people write post about social crimes. To do their bit they create Facebook pages and groups to add all the probable people who can support their cause. The page becomes the forum to discuss and analyse the news,to share the views and opinions and also to abuse the criminal. Very few people actually turn up for the campaign on ground. People make excuses to avoid participation and feel happy to support from outside. They forget that as a citizen they do have some social responsibilities and feel happy in remaining only Netizens. Those who somehow manage to encourage and unite people on Net,in reality doesn't manage to lead the crowd.Everyone expresses their angers,concerns but no one tries to find solutions. And those who offer solutions generally are more violent than the criminals. They just keep shouting 'Kill them,Hang them' on net. Enough have been written about Keenan and Reuben's brutal murders. There may be some candle marches organized by NGOs to protest against eve teasing. But it would be more interested to see how can we build up pressure on the local politicians to fasten the investigation procedure. The slum area of Valmiki Nagar is a big vote bank and hence catching 17 criminals without co-operation of people will be more difficult. It is unfortunate that local people who watched these brutal keelings ignored it as if it was  the  regular fight in the Mumbai local trains. 

                      Girls are told to ignore such eve teasers by their parents as any protest by them can lead to bad revenge game.This increases the confidence of these teasers.Somehow they know that they will be left unharmed by public just by passing lewd comments and dirty gestures.Because public doesn't interfere in any verbal arguments till girl shows some courage and slaps the eve teaser.Taporis hanging on doors of local trains and teasing girls standing on platforms or adjacent ladies compartment has become normal picture of Mumbai locals. Women know how to handle such people. But when any guy enters in the fight to support the lady, it hurts male ego of eve teasers. 'Ladki saath me hai toh kya hero ban raha hai', is the common line with which the fight starts. We have seen cases where the gang of goons threw young college student from running Virar local train just because he tried to protect her college girl from eve teasing.

           Mumbai Police is very efficient, and one of the best police force of India.Unfortunately the court-kacheri and legal system of India is very slow. All the perpetrators have been identified.Still the criminals of Keenan and Reuben case are  roaming freely out there and none of them is punished yet.Fifty spectators (including Amboli bar's staff) who saw these murders like Tamasha are hiding their faces from Police and the other friends of Keenan who were present there during assault. The emotional appeal by their friends that such things can happen with your girls, sisters, come forward to help us get justice has been not yet heard by those deaf witnesses. 

     I repeat, Don't curse Mumbai for whatever has happened. Blame those people of Mumbai who have lost their sensitivities. Hell, I know the post can not make a difference to Society. But still wrote it to express my concern about increasing crimes in Aamchi Mumbai.



  1. "Little strokes fell great oaks"
    So, keep writing such posts to open the third eye of the insensitive public. Hats off to you for making an attempt to change this rugged society of ours!!!


  2. Thanks Sriram,
    Just wanted to remind all that we should be more of a citizens than Netizens.


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