Quotes by Deepbaazigar - IV

                                          Quotes by Deepbaazigar 

 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' are basically collection of some of my tweets on Twitter.
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Deepak Doddamani

 1) Never show your wounds to the World as common salt is commonly available  everywhere  

2) 'Experience' speaks in every language 

3) People who show you 'attitude' on their faces, don't forget to kick their asses

4) Even if they know everything, 'arrogant' people are good for nothing 

5) Life is a cocktail, straighten up neat

6) Possession of Nuclear weapons may be considered as sign of Nation's power, in fact its a sign of weakness and insecurity    

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  1. Nice compilation.

    First one is my favorite!

  2. Most of my friends on Facebook liked the same one; Thank you Saru :)


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