Companies V/s Politicians

                                                   COMPANIES V/S POLITICIANS 

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                           Companies are spending lot of money on their internet Marketing. The important part of their Sales promotion is Online Contests and Quiz. The trend is now decade old but it still works; as people like to win such contests and get those prizes without much efforts. To increase the number of participants in such contests or quiz, very easy questions are asked and the prizes are very attractive. Ohh no no, I am not discussing anything about MARKETING here (For that I have separate Blog on Marketing). I am sharing my experiences of winning ;)

                     Generally I don't participate in Online contests so often because I know that it's just a data collection method of marketers. But thanks to DND services and new rules by TRAI that I give my mobile numbers to such companies (by filling contest entry forms) without any hesitation. SPAM filter is useful to avoid their mails in your Inbox. So  no need to fear of Marketing calls anymore. Perhaps thats the reason I have won some fantastic stuffs in recent last two years. I do want to mention their company names here (Ethics of a Marketing professional :p). 

                       In one of the contest from SMIRNOFF on Facebook I won head phone of i-Ball. 'Make my trip's contest gave me chance to make my own desktop calender (With my photographs i.e.customized) from  'Zoom In' website. Then in Facebook's contest during World Cup I won head wrap and two days back I got KFC's Temptation Voucher (as free MEAL voucher). In short companies do keep their promises. Thank God, they are not like politicians who broke all their promises even after getting votes ;)

  (OK, I know you have understood that I wanted to share about stuffs won by me in different online contests so I wrote this post. Ha Ha Ha ;) , Keep Visiting WoD...) 




  1. Corrupt politicians know that they have to get their money's worth back in the years they are in power. Most politicians try and recover their investment in the first couple of years itself, as there is no guarantee that they will be elected again. If you see how desperately they hang on to power even when faced with scams and direct charges, you will realize that it is only to make the most of a bad situation.

    Corporates on the other hand have to keep their customers happy. However, at the end of the day, it is hard to tell if it is the corrupt politicians who are to blame or the corporates who sponsor their corruption or whether it is the common man's consumeristic aspirations that are at the root of the problem. Perhaps all of them.

    Some people have all the luck with such contests. I remember paying a tonne of money for a luxury holiday, and meeting a friend on the ship who had won the trip, and then he told me that he had been winning things like that in contests for the last few years. i was quite amazed. Congrats!

  2. Very well said Subhorup...Corporates finance political parties for their own benefits and help corruption.

    Thanks for your very good comment ;)

  3. haar ke Jeet ne wale ko Baazigar kehte hain....


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