Making of Nakoshi Part - 3

                                                                 Promo of Nakoshi

                                             MAKING OF 'NAKOSHI' - part 3 
        Short-film making is not a rocket science. Short films are like projects for media students to learn basics of film making. The process is real fun. Not only students of film line or mass media make short films, many amateur video makers make shorts.In last few years It has been seen that in every short-film festivals there are more than 300 entries.That itself shows that there are many such groups involved in short film making just because of the 'filmy kida' inside them. Professional short film maker spend Rs.1 - 1.5 lakhs in making short films while amateur groups do the same thing in 5-10K. College students spend even less than this as they have large groups and generally they get actors, directors, editors among them itself. To shoot with professional camera Rs.6K has to be spend per day as a camera rent;so many amateur short-film makers use digi-cams or handycams to shoot their videos and some even use their mobiles (with good MegaPixel) too. Irrespective of what you are using for shooting ultimately what matters is how your work has been received by audiences. Some professional short film makers spend lot of their budget in hiring faces from commercials or supporting actors/junior actors from main stream cinema but they end up making mediocre product. Even though their short-films are well made technically; the concept of the short films itself is not so appealing to the viewers. Hence some short film makers straightaway copy short films of hollywood. Yes, even short-films concepts are stolen nowdays. YouTube is a great platform for creative thieves ;)

            Our group Ashwamedh Kalamanch is working on its current project 'Nakoshi' from almost a month.I have been updating about the making process time to time. Lot of efforts goes in making a short-films. Nakoshi's shooting is complete now and promos are released one by one which are circulating on Facebook.Most of the film is shot indoors. The art direction is done by Ashish Chavan and Abhijeet Sakpal. The set of hospital room looks real. The saline bottles, blue plain partition, the iron hospital like cot,the white bedsheet, green cushion and a black blanket gives you the exact feelings of hospital. We created this set in my bedroom.

Hospital Set 

           And the other set of the 'temporary house' of a construction worker which we created on our terrace itself is equally convincing. Thanks to Mr. Ashish Chavan who not only done Art direction but also played a small role of Nakoshi's Mama (Maternal Uncle) in this short film. But above all he showed his brilliance in make-up of Anant Chavan using whatever we had powder, kajal, toothpaste etc. 

'Temporary house' of construction worker

Ashish doing Anant's old man make up
          Neha played Anant's wife's role in this short film and had 3-4 scenes; we arranged second schedule exclusively to complete all her scenes.It's her first ever short film and she did excellent job. Nakoshi's role has been done by Bhargavi Chavan (Kid Nakoshi) and Rupali More ( Grown-up Nakoshi). 
           Bhargavi is really a cute little shy girl of Anant Chavan. As father she also has symptoms of 'Acting Kida'. She is just in 1st standard but faces camera with confidence. Rupali's role is crucial in this short film as she is performing the title role. Anant and Rupali have done some wonderful emotional scenes between father and daughter. 
                Apart from these lead actors; Mithun Patekar, Jitendra Patel, Ashish Chavan, Abhijeet Sakpal, Shailesh More and me, we have done some small roles. Ofcourse, I was busy with direction and camera yet wanted to be part of this wonderful story;so I played role of Nakoshi's kind hearted teacher.
                     Editing part of Nakoshi will start soon. Hopefully you all will like it. 
This is the final post of 'Making of Nakoshi'. Do read previous posts to know about concept and story of Nakoshi. Leaving you with some funny moments at the sets of Nakoshi ;)

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