Making of Nakoshi part - I

                                      MAKING OF 'NAKOSHI' - PART I

Bhargavi Chavan as 'Nakoshi'
               14 th November 2011, on Children's day (बालदिन), there was this News on many News  Channels that 222 girls named Nakoshi/ Nakoshia/ Nakusha/ Nirasha were renamed by local health care department officers of Satara,Maharashtra in one social program. 'Nakoshi' means 'Unwanted' girl. It's really sad that in India thousands of girls are named as Nakoshi/Nakusha by their parents. Let me tell you; not only poor illiterate parents but also rich and well educated people do this thing. The reason is that they feel 'girls' are burden on them and a big liability.Poor people feel that girls will not become their support in their old age as they will go to their husband's home after marriage and hence they do not educate these girls. Mostly those who already have 2-3 girl-children name their next girl as Nakoshi/Nakusha. 

        Based on this News, I decided to make a Marathi short-film 'Nakoshi'. I developed a concept further and wrote the script which will be as long as 30 min. film. But 15 min. is the maximum accepted length of short-films and 7-10 min. is considered as ideal length. I decided to shoot each and everything first and then edit it twice, one full length film for YouTube and second below 15 min. short-film to submit to short film festivals. When I explained entire script to my team for the first time ; everyone was completely numb and their eyes were filled with tears. I know my concepts are always good; but due to financial constraints we do lot of compromise with script and sets which makes our final product very mediocre. But I feel our limitations makes our work more challenging which in turn make us think more creatively

            Generally I share MAKING stories of our videos after entire video (short film / webisode of Hasya Jatra) is ready; but in case of 'Nakoshi' I have started the post when 3/4th of the short - film is ready. I hate to read lengthy posts and so I myself avoid to write lengthy post and make my reader's life bit easy. May be from next post I will share Making of 'Nakoshi' on-set experiences.
                           Hope to see you again on my blog; thanks for reading 


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