Making of 'Nakoshi' : Part - II

                                       Making of 'Nakoshi' part - II

A still from Nakoshi
         Ashwamedh Kalamanch's journey is slow but steady.With Nakoshi,we are first time trying to make some improvement in 'art direction' area of short-film making. The best part is we don't have any person directly/indirectly associated with film making field, but we dare to learn every aspect of short-film making by watching other's work and using some tutorials available on YouTube.We don't have any Godfather or any guide.We are the modern 'Eklavya' who learn maximum things out of curiosity.May it be Editing or may it be Camera Angles. 
          Nakoshi's shooting started on 11.11.11. Friday at Abhijeet Sakpal's house in Nalasopara. We reached to Nalasopara in the evening to shoot Nakoshi's birth scene. As per script we had showed that Nakoshi's father is a construction worker in Mumbai and he lives in one of the under construction building's terrace where he is working currently. He already has 3 daughters and wants a boy child. So the scene starts in Hospital corridor where he is waiting eagerly for his wife's delivery. He has his 3 daughters with him and one of his relative. 

                     Nakoshi's father is played by Anant Chavan, the only person in our group who  had done some commercial Marathi Theater with likes of Nirmiti Sawant, Satish Tare,Bhushan Kadu under the direction of eminent Marathi Director Purushottam Berde. His nephew Ashish Chavan is playing his relative's role. In this hospital scene, we needed to establish that the character Gangaram Mahadik played by Anant already has 3 daughters,that's the only reason we chose to shoot this scene at Abhijeet's house because he has two daughters Priyanka and Arya. It's the only scene where we have shown Gangaram's other daughters.Rest of the short-film revolves around Nakoshi and her father's relationship. Abhijeet's neighbours got excited to see us shooting in their building; so many children came to his house to see Arya and Piyu acting. We chose one more girl from Piyu's friends to show as the eldest daughter of Gangaram. The scene was shot in lot of noise yet as there was no dialogue involved and only background music,we went ahead to shoot it in the same crowd. 

Chillar Party present while shooting of Nakoshi's first schedule in Nalasopara
           We finished the entire scene that day till 10:00 p.m. in night and fixed our next schedule on 13 th Nov. Sunday. Rest of the Making story in upcoming posts.Thanks for reading.

                                         You can watch the shooting video here


  1. Absolutely gr8 mate..I wish u all the success at every step in your life..god bless..keep rocking...!!!

  2. You know its amazing and simply beautiful.


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