Quotes by Deepbaazigar - VII

Deepak Doddamani

'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series is compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter
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Lokpal Special Quotes

1) Blame it on Parliament if 'Anna' becomes 'Yeda Anna'

2) Anna to Rajniti Prasad : Faad diya? Mera bill faad diya?? Main nahi khelta lokpal-lokpal ;)

3) Padmashri Laloo Prasad Yadav's right place is 'Comedy Circus'

4) Neither Ruling party nor Opposition wanted Lokpal bill as it was their death warrant

5) Thank God; stumps and Hockey sticks are not allowed inside Parliament.
 Poor chap speaker always has to take aggression of some rowdy Mantris.

6) Rajniti Prasad; Baap ka maal tha; jo faad diya?? Lokpal bill Bharchuk...

7) Anna ek special Janlokpal dena; extra malaai maarke :p

8) Mirza Ghalib would have committed suicide after hearing all the Sher-o-shayaris in the Parliament used completely in wrong contexts.

9) Earlier I used to think that best acting school in India is 'NSD Delhi'; but now I have realized it's actually the 'Parliament in Delhi'.

10) Kapil Sibal is Donald Duck; he keeps quacking all the time without any reason ;)


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