What a Game?

                                              WHAT A 'GAME'? 

        'Gutter politics' at its best. Congress showed once again that they can always check-mate BJP in gutter politics. And BJP again proved that they are capable to sit in opposition only; wohi unki aukaat hai. What a game? Aisehi 60 saalse; Congress desh par raaj nahi kar rahi. Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely etc. tried to prove that they were willing to bring strong Lokpal and don't wanted Congress to take entire credit of passing Lokpal. BJP wanted to prove that 'Congress' is not willing to bring strong Lokpal and wanted to gain sympathy of all Indians who have supported Anna Hazare in anti-corruption movement. So this is what we saw in Loksabha and Rajya Sabha. But truth is that neither ruling party nor opposition wanted Lokpall bill to pass; as it was like death warrants for all of them (corrupt politician). They just played blame game to prove people that they too wants to curb corruption in India.They feel that people of India are fool and they can gain sympathies from people by doing such Tamasha in Parliament. They capitalized on the popularity of Anna Hazare. They channelized Anna's support in their way. They once again played with emotions of Indians who wants to see a Better India. In short they played Gutter politics very well. Saap bhi mar gaya aur lathi bhi nahi tuti. 

             Anna should have realized by now that there can never be successful revolutions without bloodshed. Without  Bhagat Singh, Gandhi alone can not give freedom to country. People like Rajniti Prasad should be tore off into pieces for tearing off the copy of Lokpall bill which was symbolic representation of the expectations of millions of Indian suffering from the devil of corruption. 

           Well the 'Lokpal' game is over now. Don't know how many more years it will take to pass it. Thanks to Shri. Anna Hazare that atleast it saw Parliament after several years. Hopefully Anna will see 'Janlokpal bill' passed in his lifetime. Jai Hind !


  1. Comedians everywhere !
    politics everywhere !
    sad !

  2. Yeah;specially Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav's right place is 'Comedy Circus'


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