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             Kanda Man and his adventures .. Yes this is what I had scripted some months back. A story of funny superhero called 'Kandaman' (Onion Man). I had written this story keeping a short and fragile guy in mind who gets transformed to 'Kandaman' after eating an Onion which he finds in the world of Deepbaazigar. Once turned into Kandaman; he helps all the poor people who are suffering from the increased prizes of Onions and the injustice done by millionaires who have large stocks of Onions. There is a main villian called KK (KandaKing) who owns all the farms of Kanda and has monopoly in the Onion market. His men do black marketing and hoarding of Onions and are responsible for making Onions as expensive as precious material Gold.         Those who have money, have already treasured Onions in their bank lockers. Onions are traded on the Commodity exchange of India and there is 'Onion Index' which decides the economy of India. Rich people have godo…

Save Water and Second Annual function of Ashwamedh Kalamanch

On 19th January I saw an Ad on 'Cell phone cinema' contest on internet and decided to make a video using cell phone. My Samsung doesn't have good resolution so I called up Rajendra and asked him for his I-phone. During shooting of NAKOSHI shortfilm I had decided to make an advertisement on 'Love Peg'. Love Peg or Master peg is generally referred to the last peg of drink. People do think that the last drops of the liquor are more concentrated and if you drink those drops you will always get successful love-life. hahaha...Don't know from where these concepts comes to India?          Once I asked my friend why does he tap Whiskey bottle under it? His answer was something like this.'We can smell liquor, we can see it's blend color, we can also taste it, but we can't hear it. And to make all the senses satisfied with liquor, we tap underneath the bottle. lolz. Whatever....?            Rajendra ar…

2nd Annual function of Ashwamedh Kalamanch


Ashwamedh Kalamanch's Shortfilm/Social Ad 'Save Water'


Activity Carried out at 2nd Annual Function of Ashwamedh Kalamanch


Horror of Kashedi Ghat



A white little Flamingo,                                      migrated to another land                                      in search of a food & water                                      and a greener land 
                                     Travelling is a need for                                      Survival of these birds                                       Migration is their necessity                                       as they are just birds
                                     We, the social animals                                        we also do migrate                                       To earn a better life                                        and earn our bread 
                                     We are not free birds                                      to forget our border                                       We may live in another country                                      To make our things in order
                                     But we have to return      …

जा रहा हूँ मैं

जा रहा हूँ मैं
जा रहा हूँ मैं, तेरा शहर छोड़कर                                                     मुझे ढूँढना नहीं तू किसी मोडपर 
                                                   तेरे सपनों का ये महल तोड़कर                                                     मैं चला जाऊँगा ये गली छोड़कर 
                                                  टूटे शिशोंका दिल किसी तरह जोड़कर                                                    अपनी हसरतों का मैं कफ़न ओढ़कर 
                                                  जा रहा हूँ मैं तेरा दिल तोड़कर                                                    फिर मिलूँगा नहीं मैं किसी मोडपर 
                                                            - दीपबाझीगर 

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - VIII


Mob Managers


People who have plenty of chappals/foot-wears outside their house are considered as richest people in small towns. There are many people who lead their communities without any 'Title'. Such people are titled as 'Mob Managers' in this article. Infact 'Mob Handlers' can be apt term for them but I call them Managers because they manage their followers to carry out tasks which they plan. No I am not talking about politicians. I am talking about people to whom politicians also try to persuade to work for them; so as to bring their followers under their own roof. Some sell their souls for money and some don't. These Mob Managers are powerful speakers. These people are like those Dog-trainers who can stop their barking dogs just by their strong command. Yes, handling rowdy crowd is not fun. These leaders are really useful for political equations as they can gather large crowd and also manage them for votes. 
             But the interesting aspect is t…



Animals knows better

Some of my spooky posts like Atma-the soul and Kashedi ghat ghost received well by the readers. Since then for long time I didn't wrote anything trippy. Perhaps this post will fill that gap.

              It has been said that the animals have good senses than human being. People feel those animals which can be kept as 'pets' are some of wise animals; as we can train them. Lol... then why Donkey or 'Gadha' is used as synonym for stupid animal? Bats can see in night, so send then as Night-watchman....Oops whats wrong with me? I supposed to write scary things. Yeah well I will stick to it :)
              Do you remember Bollywood movie 'Teri Meherbaniya', yeah the same movie in which animals have acted better than Jacky dada :). After that movie I started believing that Dogs can see souls of their dead owners. After some years, someone told me that Dogs can see all the spirits; not only of their dead owners. Some even told me that they cr…

Too much of religion


            Jai Shriram , Jai Shri Krishna, Hari Om, Salam Walekhum, Jai Bhim, 
 I have many friends and they do start conversation with different words. Yes they feel proud to start with these words as they belong to those respective religion or community. There is nothing wrong in their practice as they follow what has been taught in their religions. But real problem starts when people with 'Too much of religion' in their minds expects same things from you. The question is how you react to these people ? There are mixed opinions on this. Some feel 'Jaisa des waisa bhes aur wahan ki bhasha' is the right way to adopt. You will see Indians working in Qatar,Dubai,Doha using 'Salaam Walekhum' to greet local residents. As we are living in Global world this is completely normal and acceptable, but the same people when visits India; deny to greet Indian Muslims with Salaam Walekhum. Because they know that we are in our home country so we need not …