KANDA MAN 

             Kanda Man and his adventures .. Yes this is what I had scripted some months back. A story of funny superhero called 'Kandaman' (Onion Man). I had written this story keeping a short and fragile guy in mind who gets transformed to 'Kandaman' after eating an Onion which he finds in the world of Deepbaazigar. Once turned into Kandaman; he helps all the poor people who are suffering from the increased prizes of Onions and the injustice done by millionaires who have large stocks of Onions. There is a main villian called KK (KandaKing) who owns all the farms of Kanda and has monopoly in the Onion market. His men do black marketing and hoarding of Onions and are responsible for making Onions as expensive as precious material Gold. 
       Those who have money, have already treasured Onions in their bank lockers. Onions are traded on the Commodity exchange of India and there is 'Onion Index' which decides the economy of India. Rich people have godowns of Onions but poor do not even get a chance to see Onions in their meals. Hence Kandaman has a bigger role to play...How he gives justice to these poor people is the story of adventures of Kandaman. .....


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