HORROR in HORROR 

        Dead fish flows with the current of water. But the alive fish knows how to swim against the stream. We all want to conquer the things which we feel are beyond our capacity. We call them as accepting challenges. Why we take risk in life? Do we really have appetite for such things? We are afraid of many things in our life.There are some Sankaras like Kaam,Krodh,Lobh,Matsar,Bhay etc. In our life we try to control them by different ways. But we only feed them too. We are scared of watching horror movies. But the scary things make us happy. They satisfy our sankara of bhaya. But do you really know that nowdays what we are doing while watching horror movies? Read this to know....

         I watched one silent movie called Nosferatu.It was based on story of count dracula. This is one of the famous silent era movie in horror genre. The movie music is really good and so the entire film.You can definitely find some scenes really well made,but not scary if you are grown up watching hollywood horror films. In our childhood we even found Band Darwaza, Purani Haveli etc. horrible. Episodes of AHAT serial on Sony managed to scare hell out of us. But the things changed dramatically after 2000. The horror films crossed all their limits are started to enter an area in which they shouldn't have entered. They started using gore scenes with lots of violence. In hollywood the trend started in 70s itself,but due to censor board the amount of gore scenes were symbolic and there was no direct camera angle on the bones and flesh of victims. 

               Then the trend of phychological horror started with movies like The Exorcist which was really scary and affected lot of audiences really badly. In late 70s horror movies started to show different kinds of sick killers rather than ghosts or phantoms. George Romero introduced a ZOMBIE in his movie Night of the living dead and the new trend started where human beings started terrifying audiences and not real ghosts. Then the 80s showed some modified versions of zombies which were more powerful that Romero's zombies. But in late 80s horror flicks started to show serial killers. Although serial killers were present in hollywood movies right from the silent era movies but they were not so sick and inhuman like those killers of 80s. The killers adopted really brutal ways to kill which became the USP of the horror films. The more brutal killing involved the more audiences started to like it. With SAW series the horror movies crossed all limits of humanity and showed different ways to cut and chop human bodies. The sickness increased to so much extent that some people tried to imitate the killers and tried to glorify them. Whatever Adolf Hitler and Dr Mengele could not think in their extermination camps Hollywood Directors started to think on Celluloid. Which resulted in arrival of some really extremist and inhuman films like Cannibal Holocaust, A serbian films etc. 

                 The point is very clear here. The Horror movies are associated with the fear factor. They should be made in such a way that they should leave your spines chilling. They should not make you sleep in the night and they should really scare you. But nowdays horrors are made in such a ways that they are killing all the sensitivities of audiences. They are showing some really sick and wacky scenes. Horrors are showing different ways of physical abuse and assaults. Showing humans as cannibals eating human flesh and drinking their blood by killing in the most brutal ways. Are this script writers and Directors really aware about what they are doing to the world? Aren't they fear what they are spreading so much insensitivity in audiences about human bodies? Are the audiences aware that they have started enjoying the brutality and started thinking Humans as only subjects? Even if rated adult ; these movies are not suitable for adults too..These movies are only made for Satans by Satans. India has deliberately not allowed these type of sick movies enter in Cinema theatres. But still most of us watch these movies by downloading from internet. Now that really makes a perfect sense that self-censorship is equally important if you are die hard fans of horror movies. We should not feed our mind; so much of violence and hatred for humanity by praising or even watching such gore films.Do you agree with me? 


  1. HE(art) of horror ??
    LOved reading.. i accept they must chill our spines, will make us to check our back :D :D
    Nowadays there are not worthy horror movies coming :( SOB

  2. Horrors are no more scaring us,they are making us VOMIT,Thanks 4 reading Deepak

  3. Honestly honestly. I freaked out looking at that freaky "horror" image and closed your blog window. I decided years back as a child I'll not read/watch/hear anything scary before going to sleep.I'll check your post and comment properly tom :)


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