My favorite Silent Films

                                    MY FAVORITE SILENT ERA FILMS 

   Few months back I saw a photo of Sir Charlie Chaplin (with a wonderful SMILE) shared by one of my friend. During my childhood Doordarshan was the only medium where we could watch some silent era films of Charlie Chaplin.I love his legendary character TRAMP. Thanks to my big brother Govind - he made some characters and cartoons immortal in my memories through his wonderful paintings. He was Sir .J.J. school of Arts college pass out artist with magic in his brush. His favorite hobby was to draw paintings of cartoon characters of Disney.But mine favorite painting was that of The Tramp which he had drawn brilliantly with capturing all his expressions correctly. It was framed and nailed on wall as it was cheerful and full of life. So apart from Charlie I didn't knew any big names of Silent era films. But I am thankful to my friend who shared that picture which made me watch some silent films of Chaplin on YouTube.While watching his film first time I came across a name called 'Buster Keaton'. I watched an edited clip dedicated to him by one fan and after watching his stunts I couldn' stop myself from watching more and more of his videos on YouTube. The next step was of-course to read something about him and I read about him on Wikipedia.In his carrier there were few movies which were milestones and I decided to watch them first. I got so involved in his movies that I am his die hard fan now. I started to take interest in Silent movies and watched some more silent era movies in different genres. I will enlist some of the movies which I loved a lot. Hope you will like them too. No I am not writing any reviews on them...just a plain list.

Silent era movies (my favorite)
1) The General (1926)
2) The Kid (1921)
3) Steamboat Bill Jr. (1928)
4) CityLights (1931)
5) Go West (1925)
6) Modern Times (1936)
7) Metropolis (1927)
8) Nosferatu (1922)

I would definitely like to hear from which of these are your favorites.Do comment.Thanks.


  1. Wow! Your list is truly impressive. I have Battleship Potemkin on my list along with all of the Chaplin classics. My memory was telling me that Bicycle Thief was also silent, but it is not, but I saw it when I was very young. I have seen some Buster Keaton ones too.

    I also enjoyed two other silent films, though they were made in our times, Kamal Hassan's Pushpak and Mel Brooks' Silent Movie. I am looking forward to The Artist.

    Thanks for this post that triggered a lot of nostalgia and brought the creative art of filmmaking into focus instead of the garish fare that we are often subjected to by our film industry.

  2. Pushpak is really good movie. I'll surely watch other movies which you mentioned in your comment. Thanks a lot Shubho.

  3. Nice post..
    Have watched some of them..But The General was the best among them. Its altogether a different experience to watch such masterpieces. :)

  4. Buster Keaton was genius;
    Thanks 4 comment Vinay

  5. cool list...
    some similarities :)
    It is always better to watch SILENT films, why ? No punch dialogues

  6. Now the next thing I'm gonna do them one by one...
    thanks a lot for sharing...I love this type of stuff... :)

  7. Silent film do have good quotes and punchlines in them; ofcourse not in dialogue forms.

    Thanks Deepak & Cyno Paji :p

  8. Interesting post! I haven't seen many silent-era films but with all the hype around The Artist, I am hoping to catch one. And your list shall come in handy when I look out for more :)


  9. Manreet; you will definitely watch some more once you'll watch some of these; i am damn sure about it
    Thanks a lot 4 comment


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