Quotes by Deepbaazigar IX

                              QUOTES BY DEEPBAAZIGAR - 9

('Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series is compilation of the tweets by me on Twitter; 
              you can follow me @deepbaazigar)

1) Intellectuals always fail to gain power because they never understands that true power comes by having large number of loyal followers. They fail to establish heart to heart connections with their supporters as they always talk with brain and not by heart.

2) Market is 'UP' and your shares not gaining?? Gotcha; you are the same person who have girlfriend but she never allows you to touch her.

3) Whether it's a painful relationship or loss-making shares, you ought to get out of it before making any huge loss.

4) You must forgive your enemies, once your revenge is over. 

5) Never underestimate power of violence, remember "latho ke bhoot baato se nahi maante."

6) History tells us that whenever an artist/writer/poet/academician abandoned his brush/pen to become warrior he used the most deadliest weapon - his brain 


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