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Money Money Money


Rich, Middle Class, and Poor this is how society is classified on the basis of 'wealth'. 'Haves' and 'Have nots' is the criteria on which Economics shows disparity between classes on monetary levels. Further Marketing  people generated terms like 'Upper middle class' and 'Lower middle class' to decide their 'Target Market' amongst the Middle class. This subdivision was very important because Middle class is the important class due to the level of volumes of consumption. Also the aspirations and dreams of Middle class people to live a luxurious life always been the growth factor for many household consumer goods and financial services. Rich people in India was considered as Niche group a decade ago; but the things are changing after the emergence of IT and Knowledge Processing industry in India. More people shifted in the upward classes. Although the opportunities of income increased and there was a notable growth in ps…

Quotes by Deepbaazigar 12

Quotes by Deepbaazigar 12 
Quotes by Deepbaazigar series is basically the compilation of some of my tweets on social site. You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter for more such quotes. 
1) It is important to track market regularly so as to decide, Right time to Enter and Right time to Exit
2) Changing your portfolio within short span of time is equivalent to keep opening door of refrigerator on regular basis to check whether Ice cream is friezed or not :P
3) Believe it or not; the best way to learn 'Camera work' is - Watch the same movie again in mute mode. 
4) The best consultant always prefers to give 'Apt solutions' rather than 'Best Advices'; because that's the only key for 'Customer satisfaction'.
5) In academics it is very easy to 'Rattofy' even a toughest subject just to clear the paper. But in career we have to go back & learn basic again, as it's all about 'Applications'
6) ....But in young age we don't share any…

Arrival of Monsoon

Arrival of Monsoon 
Torn by the lightning, Clouds are pouring water Riot of sun-rays has stopped for that matter                                             Birds are flying; some pigeons,some sparrow                                            In the turbid cloudy sky,making line of arrow
                                           This evening world has become a paradise Atmosphere is pleasant, peaceful and nice.                                            Earth had fallen in love with passion of the sky                                            Raindrops kissed the land which was arid and dry
                                           Hiding behind the rainy clouds with curving rays in bend                                             The pride of the burning sun has finally came to end                                            The flash of lightening is slithering like a snake  It's sound is travelling slowly after bit of break 
                                           Monsoon can never c…

Quotes by Deepbaazigar XI

QUOTES BY DEEPBAAZIGAR 11 1) 'I know that Baba Ramdev doesn't even know the full form of FDI; but I completely agree with him that there is huge black money involved in FDI.'
2) I humbly refused their offer and smiled 'Why do people show Carrots to those who have diabetes?' 
3) 'Reduce your losses and build-up your profits; Book losses at right time before they starts mounting-up'
4) Simple people are always genuine; the reverse may not be always true 
5) In future when children will learn Chapter on 'Anna Hazare and Anti-corruption movement'; there will be surely some paragraphs on Baba Ramdev's 'Black Money Movement'
 Quotes by Deepbaazigar is basically compilation of some of my tweets. You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter