Quotes by Deepbaazigar 12

                                        Quotes by Deepbaazigar 12 

Quotes by Deepbaazigar series is basically the compilation of some of my tweets on social site. You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter for more such quotes. 

1) It is important to track market regularly so as to decide, Right time to Enter and Right time to Exit

2) Changing your portfolio within short span of time is equivalent to keep opening door of refrigerator on regular basis to check whether Ice cream is friezed or not :P

3) Believe it or not; the best way to learn 'Camera work' is - Watch the same movie again in mute mode. 

4) The best consultant always prefers to give 'Apt solutions' rather than 'Best Advices'; because that's the only key for 'Customer satisfaction'.

5) In academics it is very easy to 'Rattofy' even a toughest subject just to clear the paper. But in career we have to go back & learn basic again, as it's all about 'Applications'

6) ....But in young age we don't share anything..we become 'Rebel' - to hide our 'Inferiority complex'..and that's the only reason for most of the failures in premium institutes across India. 

7) Baar Baar Harkar bhi jitnewale ko 'Deepbaazigar' kehete hai ;)


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