A letter to an Entrepreneur - 4

                  Dear Entrepreneur, 

                            I approached you because my friend recommended you. You have done some excellent work for his firm, and he is very much impressed with it. He liked your work and perhaps that is why I appointed you for the Graphic designing and web development work of my firm. 

         When you narrated your ideas, even I was so impressed with those that I gave you the work of my organization. I know you are giving your 100% best to give us satisfactory results. But I shall tell you that you may have to re-work on everything again if you don't pay attention to all my requirements properly. It will not only delay your work but also frustrate you to some extent. But you must admit that fault is yours. 

                  The days have gone when all Ford cars were black. Now 'Customer is King' and you should keep 'Customer Satisfaction' as your top priority of business. Dear Entrepreneur; when I was sharing my ideas and tried to give you direction of  'what exactly I need', you didn't paid much attention. May be perhaps you might have dealt with people who doesn't had much creative ideas and knowledge about web development  or may be you convinced them somehow to accept whatever you made for them as it is. But Sorry, not all customers are same. 
                The biggest mistake of Technical people is that they don't try to take details of the organization before working for them. Without understanding business properly how will you make website for our business? Don't sell me 'Me too' product, I won't take it. It  may sound rude to you but in the days of Customization you can't force standardized product/Service onto your customers. You must meet me as soon as possible and understand my business,my customer base, my products and my requirements and then go ahead with your presentation depending on my needs. Also you are free to discuss your inputs on it and can also guide me if you have better ideas.That will be the most perfect way to work for me. I will keep monitoring your work step by step and will surely come-up with changes as per my requirements. 

            Hope to see you at my office soon. 




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  2. Nice letters deep..
    I read all those letters... As you tild in letters, we had already started wall design consultancy with very low capital.
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