Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 15


    'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series on 'World of Deepbaazigar' blog is basically compilation of some of my Tweets on Twitter. You can follow me @deepbaazigar on Twitter.

         'I have completed 100 Quotes in this series so far, 
World of Deepbaazigar is celebrating it's 90,000 views.' 

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 15 

1) When Twitter loads slowly, it reminds me of 'Dial-up' era

2) Make whatever mistakes you want to do in 'net practise itself', 
   because in big games you can't afford to do any. 

3) In entertainment field customers always wants 'something different' 
  and entertainers should always be ready to give that 'something different'. 

4) Yes,you got it right. I fall in a category of 'Opinion leaders' or 'Influencers' on Social   Networking sites. I promote brands which are worth promoting & I am happy that 'deepbaazigar' is amongst that brands. 

5) If you lose all your money in share market, don't lose hope. Just pack your bags and go to Himalayas. (Applicable for people who trade intra day without stop loss) 

6) Let them think about double integration/ triple intergration,
   I always think about backward intergration/ forward integration

7) I followed you because you followed me. Now you unfollowed me and I am still following you. WTF? Why everyone on Twitter behaves like 'Girlfriend' ? 

8) It's easy to become 'Self-employed' but tough to become an 'entrepreneur' 

9) 'It will affect your Marks, choice is yours' - Use this line when student don't put efforts in studies. Because in India majority of students study for 'Marks'; & not for gaining knowledge. 

10) Before sleeping everyday, I pray to God. - Whenever I will Open my eyes I must see Sunrise only from my motherland, my country and I should find myself with my family, my people. 

11) EEE - Education, Entertainment & E-Commerce - future of Entrepreneurship in India. 

12) Be USEFUL to others, no harm in that, 
     But don't get USED by others. 

13) A 'miser' always tries to earn money from whatever skills he possesses or whatever knowledge he has. He never realizes the wealth of self-improvement through Knowledge. 

14) When people Trust me blindly, I never breach their faith. But when they start taking me for granted, I take them for a ride. Don't you dare to take me for granted. 

15) A leader should always care for his 'Team Members' who are ready to give their 100%, 
  Rather than wasting his Time & Efforts on convincing an egoistic individual who doesn't value team work. 


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