Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 16

                      Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 16

  'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' is a basically compilation of some of my Tweets on social site Twitter. 
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1) There are only two sides of our reality; one that we see & two that we don't want to see. 

2) A leader gets charged by the support of his followers but when he is left all alone; his back-up power is his self-motivation. 

3) Roti, Kapda, Makaan and a laptop with Internet connection;I don't need anything more than that to pursue my Goals.

4) Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was known as 'The father of Indian Unrest' during Britishraj for the same work which 'Arvind Kejriwal' is doing in today's Congressraj. 

5) Ajmal Kasab will be hanged twice, first by Govt. of India and then by 'Allah'. No religion  teaches you to 'Kill people'.

6) Only knowing that 'Death' is the 'final destination' will not help you. It's realization helps change your entire perspective towards 'life' and you strive to make it more meaningful. 

7) Some people realize that they have brains in their heads only after putting thinking caps ON. 


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