Mind Power

Mind Power 

Some minds are busy in envisioning new technology
Some minds are busy imagining new targets for humanity 
Some minds are busy creating master plan for countries 
Some minds are busy thinking about peace of world
Some minds are busy innovating new medicines for life 
Some minds are busy saving environment for next generations
But here.....
Some minds are busy thinking about how they will earn more money
Some minds are busy thinking how I will make good future for myself
Some minds are busy in competing each other to prove their superiority
Some minds are busy in proving how their religion is better than others
Some minds are busy in making deadly weapons to destroy humanity
Some minds are busy in filling hatred in the hearts of innocents
Some minds are busy without any reasons..

Well; those who realize the potential of their Minds; are running this world !
And also helping survival of the others with Minds which are limited within their body.


John F. Kennedy was aggressive Politician; when he realized that Soviet Russia has already went ahead of them in Space missions; he announced in Public that United States will reach to Moon. 

When Apollo 11 landed on Moon with humans (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Micheal Collins) first time; whole world was watching at them. Nobody would have minded if they could have given whole credit to USA. 
But when Neil Armstrong kept his first foot on the Moon surface he described it as a "one small step for man, one giant leap for mindkind"..He was great soul to realize that it was success not only for his own country but for the entire mankind. And those words were because of his shear MIND POWER.

Miles away from Earth where they left 3 Crore human beings; these 3 were representing them all. Yes humanity is the biggest religion and World is our home.



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