Qoutes by Deepbaazigar - 19


 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series on my blog 'World of Deepbaazigar' is basically a compilation of some of my Tweets on Social Networking Website Twitter. 

    Based on my first 16 posts in the series I made a Pdf E-book
 "Quotes of Deepbaazigar" and uploaded it on Slideshare at 


            You can embed this E-book on your Blog if you find it interesting enough. 

 This E-book contains 125 quotes by me. Majority of quotes are related to Entrepreneurship, Investment, Indian Politics, and Life in general. 

I am continuing this series further and this post is my 19th post in the 'Quotes by Deepbazigar' series. 

Quotes by Deepbaazigar -19

1) If Sachin Tendulkar is God of Cricket; the A R Rehman is God of Music

2) The right to freedom Article 19 in the great constitution of India guarantees the  Freedom of Speech and Expression to every Indian. But only Mahesh Bhatt and bloggers like me seems to use it to the fullest :P 

3) Social Activist Arvind Kejariwal became Politician; Never mind whether it's Baseball or Cricket you just have to hit the ball as hard as possible; time will teach you rules anyhow ;)

4) Some says 'Koshish Karnewalo ki' was written by Shri. Suryakant Tripathi (Nirala) and some says it's a work of Shri. Harivashrai Bachchan....Whoever has written it I know it's famous only because of Shri. Machchindra Chate, (Chate coaching classes). No confusion about it :P

5) People 'KNOW' that corruption eats their hard earned money; but they don't seems to be REALIZING it.

6) Never do traditional businesses in traditional ways

7) The process of 'Change' starts once you start challenging the status-quo.You can change your life; if you determine to do so !

8) If you are not doing any 'sustainable business'; you are just wasting your time.It's always better to take up a good job if your business doesn't fulfill the criteria of 'sustainability'. 

9) It's sad reality that when OLD FRIENDS meet after long time; They are more interested in "What you are doing nowdays?"Rather than "How are you?" and still they start conversation with"How Are You?" 

10) If you are pass out from premium institutes of India, and you are doing anything less than entrepreneurship; you have just wasted one most precious seat.

11) Honesty is LIC. Post Mortem: Best Policy = LIC :-) 
     Now that's called "Begaane brand ka abdullah promotion" 

12) Laws are very complicated and if your lawyer doesn't explain them to you in simple language then those laws become rocket science for you. But unfortunately all lawyers are expert in frightening the clients without any reason.


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