Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 18

 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series on my blog 'World of Deepbaazigar' is basically a compilation of some of my Tweets on Social Networking Website Twitter. 

    Based on my first 16 posts in the series I made a Pdf E-book
 "Quotes of Deepbaazigar" and uploaded it on Slideshare at 


            You can embed this E-book on your Blog if you find it interesting enough. 

 This E-book contains 125 quotes by me. Majority of quotes are related to Entrepreneurship, Investment, Indian Politics, and Life in general. 

I am continuing this series further and this post is my 18th post in the 'Quotes by Deepbazigar' series. 

1) They say 'Politics' is bad. But they always do Politics in life; knowingly or unknowingly. 'Politics' is played everywhere. In home, in school, in college, in offices...everywhere. No one is apolitical. No one. 

2) For any Government work, if 'patience' is the key then 'Money' is the 'Masterkey' 

3) Bungee jumping without elastic cord, Skydiving without Parachutes and Scuba diving without scuba sets: are examples of suicides and not risk appetites of people. Similarly Entrepreneurs should understand the difference between suicide and risk. They must take risks but should not commit suicide. 

4) It clearly shows that like - for film-makers audiences are more important than critics or fellow film makers; for writers - readers are more important that reviewers or fellow writers. 

5) Job Offer letter without even appearing for interview is like a getting a girlfriend without even proposal.. both are scams :P

6) If you are rich; you need not prove it by wearing ironed underwear.Remember, even the richest person on this earth has to die one day. 

7) I fear, Media will make 'Arjun Tendulkar'; another 'Rohan Gavaskar'. It's such a tough task to grow under shadows of biggest trees :(

8) To whichever Religion they belong to; extremists are Cancer to Society

9) If Sachin Tendulkar is God of Cricket; the A R Rehman is God of Music 

10) The right to freedom Article 19 in the great constitution of India guarantees the Freedom of Speech and Expression to every Indian. But only Mahesh Bhatt and bloggers like me seems to use it to the fullest :P 

11) Social Activist Arvind Kejariwal become Politician; Never mind whether it's Baseball or Cricket you just have to hit the ball as hard as possible; time will teach you rules anyhow ;) 

12) If you want to keep asking yourself 'Have I made it large?', first learn to make your own pegs, don't rely on the waiter.


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