Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 22

 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series on my blog 'World of Deepbaazigar' is basically a compilation of some of my Tweets on Social Networking Website Twitter. 

    Based on my first 16 posts in the series I made a Pdf E-book
 "Quotes of Deepbaazigar" and uploaded it on Slideshare at 


            You can embed this E-book on your Blog if you find it interesting enough. 

I am continuing this series further and this post is my 22nd post in the 'Quotes by Deepbazigar' series. 

1) No; we are not puppets with the strings in the hands of God. We are all Kites in the sky, with threads in the almighty's hands. He wants us all to fly, high up in the sky freely...But, we are the ones who cut each other's threads & push them on the ground. 

2) When any relationship fails completely, it's always better to separate with dignity rather than playing blame game and regreting about it 

3) Without Investment even God rejects to bless now a days; Forget about the Business partnerships. So if you get such chance; you must grab it..without wasting a single second 

4) When you are not in the market; you are out of business. Even for established brands one has to do Branding & Advertising -Deepbaazigar

5) A true leader is one; who finds out strengths of even the weakest team member of the organization and motivates him to perform by giving an equal and fair opportunity 

6) Family is Family Family is not 'People' 

7) "Goal" doesn't play games with you ! So follow it with whole heart. even if you fail to achieve it, you know whom to blame. 

8) If u are neither famous nor notoriously infamous; your #quotes will be shared as 'Anonymous' without giving you any credit 

9) Thanks to psychopath serial killer 'Charles Manson' who killed seven innocent people in 1969 and still convinced world that he is 'Scientologist'; I dared to post my 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' on Wikiquotes today.

10) Sentiments of People' is the most 'powerful tool' of mass mobilization which builds the nations across the world,but in India Politicians use it as 'weapon of mass-destruction'


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