Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 25

Quotes by deepbaazigar - 25

1) 'Productive Politics' in workforce is always better than 'unproductive peace' at least it keeps you on your toes. 

2) If you think you are not creative at all or doesn't have any artistic capability. Don't feel bad. Try gardening, you will get the satisfaction of creativity as well as nourishment. 

3) A wise politician and a smart businessman both follow the same rule: Make rivals but not enemies 

4) Target completed after deadline is equivalent to 'shock treatments' after death to check if any last hope of revival is there?

5) Half-hearted attempts, careless attitude, useless excuses and weak will power these all act as hurdles which may keep you away from achieving your target.Get rid of them first  

6) I have born to lead and I will lead till my death. I have lived like a 'leader' & I will die like a 'leader' 

7) Random thoughts scribbled on paper can sometimes help you take right decisions in life. Try it 

8) Sometimes we need some external forces to reassure that what we are thinking is correct.Whatever is necessary - is correct 

9) I don't like to walk on cake. So I don't do anything which is Cake-walk

10) Businessmen are labelled as capitalist but Entrepreneurs are praised as creators. 

11) ‎'Poverty' is curse only if it's a 'Poverty of Thoughts'. Being financially/economically poor is not at all crime.  

 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series on my blog 'World of Deepbaazigar' is basically a compilation of some of my Tweets on Social Networking Website Twitter. 

    Based on my first 16 posts in the series I made a Pdf E-book
 "Quotes of Deepbaazigar" and uploaded it on Slideshare at 


            You can embed this E-book on your Blog if you find it interesting enough. 

I am continuing this series further and this post is my 25th post in the 'Quotes by Deepbazigar' series. 


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