And the learning begins

                             And the learning begins... 

                                    (Ashwamedh Foundation: 3) 

        I have been sharing my journey as an Entrepreneur in my blog 'World of Deepbaazigar' (which is - Deepak Doddamani now) from almost last 3 years now. From the inception of 'Ashwamedh Kalamanch' to the foundation of 'Ashwamedh Foundation'; I shared everything. 

    I am Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar; and I have been pursuing my biggest interest in my life i.e. 'Entrepreneurship'. But I am not interested in 'Businesses' as such, rather I want to become a 'Social Entrepreneur' and formation of 'Ashwamedh Foundation' (Society & Trust) is the first little step which I have taken in that direction; along with my friends. 

    Being the sole think-tank of the Organization the pressure & responsibility is huge on me. None of us belong to 'Social Work' related field and so running a non-profit Organization is obviously big challenge for all of us. We have to learn everything from basic. Particularly, I being the Managing Trustee not only have to ensure smooth operations of the 'Managing Committee'  but also learn how to raise funds for the 'Ashwamedh Foundation'. While making the Memorandum of Understanding we included some Objectives and we have to first find NGOs working under similar 'Scope of Work'. and learn How they are running their Organization? Everyone at some stage of life keeps thinking that - 'I should do something for the Society & Nation'; and fortunately we have the legal permission for the same now, after we got Certificate of Registration from Charity Commissioner Office. So whatever difficulties may arise; we are ready to face it and as a team we will overcome those soon. 

        No one comes educated from the mother's womb. We all have to learn everything here in our life. So we must always be a student in our life. No matter what you are doing for your bread and butter; if you stop learning you will end up doing routine work which in -turn will make you 'just another surviving human being' on this planet .So always keep learning. That is my philosophy which I am trying to instill in my team-mates. 

        In the overpopulated country like India; Opportunities are huge only for knowledgeable & skilled workforce but rest of the country is striving for two-time meals.Rich are getting richer and poor is getting poorer as 'Money attracts Money'. So it's important for every 'Entrepreneur' to create at-least few jobs in their Organization. I have not formed Social Organization for my-self, I have a bigger role to play in the future. So it's important for me to network with the like-minded people and share my vision & dreams with them. 'Sound Minds' can surely reduce burden on my shoulder. So I am completely open minded to take a back-seat and work with someone who is Expert or have good experience in this field. My search for such people is genuine and with right intent; so I am sure I will form a good team sooner or later. I will keep updating  about all the Organizations which I have founded viz. Ashwamedh Kalamanch, Ashwamedh Foundation & Indifame Media. And I will also keep sharing you about my conceptualization of future projects viz. Eduzeme & Ashwamedh Financial Services

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