Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 26

                                Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 26

Deepak Doddamani aka Deepbaazigar 

1) People always explain this to you that they are not trying to give any explanation to you because they don't like to give any explanation to anyone; including you. 

2) It's always important to run an Organization for some period, some months or may be a whole year before actually going for it's registration. You must get convinced yourself first that you want to do it & you must also gain confidence that you can do it. Then only you will have conviction in your voice whenever you motivate your team

3) I have a 'confidence'; because I always keep learning. The day I will stop learning, I will be good for nothing 

4) Whenever 'personal life' & 'professional life' both are well-balanced; mind always remains in state of 'equilibrium'

5) I have a good sense of humor but mind you I am not a 'JOKER' 

6) If you play; play to win; If you deal; deal to Win-Win.

7) Social Work, Social Activism and Social Entrepreneurship; these three terms are same only for uneducated people & padha-likha anpadhs (educated illiterates) 

8) If you won't get smart wife it's completely OK.But you must always have a smart Chartered Accountant :-)

9) When your sweet memories turns into painful past;Either your heart is broken or something is missing in your heart 

10) Sharing your goals with everyone is really important as it helps to increase your determination many-folds 

11) I believe; in life priorities keeps changing person to person & time to time and there is nothing wrong about it. What matters is how committed you are towards them ?

12) Less than 'life' if you are keeping anything or everything 'at stake'; you are still left with something with you which you can keep at stake when time demands. 

13) In India; Charisma & Popularity has always been rated higher than Knowledge & Skills. King Makers always choose Popular leaders over knowledgeable leaders because popular leader can rise in revolt & take his supporters along with him 

14) Men wants women to read between the lines and Women wants men to read their MiNDS. Women expect tooooooooo much :P

15) 'No matter what you are doing for your bread and butter; if you stop learning; you will end up doing routine work which in -turn will make you 'just another surviving human being' on this planet.So always keep learning.'

16) Karma becomes culprit only when you start behaving as if you are 'victim of fate'


  1. Lovely quotes. Some quite hilarious :) :) :), some thought provoking, some reflecting the world around us.....

    In all you have highlighted the essence of life..

    I am printing out some of them in huge bold letters to read and get motivated....

    God Bless YOU

  2. Thank you very much అనామిక.


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