Social Entrepreneurship & the creamy-layer

           Social Entrepreneurship and the Creamy-layer 

        They are the most competitive,intelligent and hard-working students. They top the charts of most of the national competitive exams and enter their dream institutes. Whether it's IIT, IIM, AIIMS  or any other renowned institution of India; you can find them always in the top competing and achieving the success on personal level. But what next?
     Most of them work as an employees for MNCs where they can get fat pay-packages.Most of them work in Indian companies where they can climb the corporate ladder much faster than their counterparts. And few of them take-up an entrepreneurship and start the game of statistics of profits and loss.Ask them what they did for the nation? And they will reply "WE PAID TAXES". Such is the pity with the creamy-layer of the India. 

   Are they not capable to take-up Social-Entrepreneurship and contribute to the society in much effective manner; rather than slogging their bottoms for the big multinationals? Can't they even think of taking some risk for the sake of Nation? Are they really worth calling creamy-layer of the nation; if their success is all personal and doesn't have any significance on community level? 

     Social Entrepreneurship is not about 'charity'.It's also not about running a non-profit Organization. It's about creating a Self-sustainable Model of Business which is useful for the Company and also helpful for the Stakeholders involved in it. Here the Stakeholders acts as beneficiaries as well as employees for the Organization. So more than anything else upliftment through opportunities is the key of success of 'Social Entrepreneurship'. Those who need some good examples of Indian Social Entrepreneurs must surely read 'I have a dream' by Rashmi Bansal. 

        India is a developing nation and has all the potential to become super-power in future. Forget about super-power; let us first take some concrete steps to atleast make it developed one.If you are really 'cream students' and seriously believe that you have the potential to stand on your feet and lead; you will never be afraid of taking risks. If you are not capable of contributing to the society; you must throw your degrees in the dustbin and accept that you aren't 'creamy-layer' and have wasted an important seat of some premium institute.      



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