Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 30

      Quotes by Deepbaazigar- 30

'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' is basically compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter @deepbaazigar and some of my facebook posts on my Facebook Page Doddamani Deepak Vitthal Ratna 

Based on my 'Quotes', I have already self-published two Pdf Books

This is my 30th post in this series 

                              QUOTES BY DEEPBAAZIGAR - 30

1) Don't apply your knowledge unnecessarily where only 'common sense' is more than enough to complete the task. 

2) When you have nothing to lose,you have everything to gain. Aren't you at the safest position of your life then?

3) God has made us all really strong, and there is a self-start button in everyone of us. 

4) Everyone is 'selfish', but attachment towards 'I' varies from person to person and the most selfish people have that 'I' capital. 

5) Interviewer is not a 'Father of Church' to whom you have to tell everything truth; but he is definitely not your laboratory teacher to whom you can cheat by manipulations. 

6) 'Money' will come and go, but good opportunities are rare.We can't predict which opportunity can become 'Life-Changing Opportunity'? So always give preference to 'right opportunity' over money. 

7) Becoming successful in life is not a big deal; it's about how you manage your success and make it sustainable through relentless efforts, dignity and integrity.

8) You can do Social Work at any stage of life irrespective of whatever you earn,but without MONEY no Social Work can be done on an Organized level. 

9) When you realize the difference between 'Social Interaction' and 'Business Communication', you actually start networking properly 

10) When you are flying with the wings of aspirations,dreams provides strength to your wings to fly higher against the gravitational force of 'reality'

11) I never accept what I don't deserve; that's a different story that I never get what I really deserve. 

12) Tell me to die; I might agree to do it.Tell me to stop dreaming; I will kill you Moron. 

13) Use your brain for yourself rather than slogging your ass for others; it's always a better option 

14) Timely, Well informed, Right decision making is important; everything else just falls in place automatically 

15) That day 'that' decision was correct; this day 'this' decision is right; that's how entrepreneurship works.

16) Do not make a mistake to consider your 'potential' as your 'market value'. Remember egg sells cheaper than it's omelet. 

17) 'Money' is important. Don't insult it by belittling it's value 

18) For a 'sick career', there is no best medicine like 'success'. It not only tastes sweet but also provides you new energy 

19) Priorities, Opportunities and Decision Making; there lies the real game. 

20) Rigidity in your thinking which is not allowing you to do progress in your life is actually a mind trap.Don't be fool to consider it as 'principle' 


  1. Hi......haha,some really nice quotes....i found number 11 as the best. I will save it in my quote copy. brilliant :))


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