Quotes by Deepbaazigar: 32

              Quotes by Deepbaazigar : 32

Quotes by Deepbaazigar series on my blog is basically compilation of some of my tweets on Twitter (@deepbaazigar) and my Status updates on Facebook Page 'Doddamani Deepak Vitthal Ratna'. Based on my Quotes I have self published two Pdf E-Books viz     

Quotes by Deepbaazigar - I and Quotes by Deepbaazigar -  II

This is my 32nd post in the series: 

1) Kids have all the Rights to be Moody, but Professionals can't afford to be one (moody). Don't be childish

2) Market doesn’t do mistakes, we human Err.

3) I’ll do it right now

4) Training your brain is like training the most mischievous student in the classroom. It’s quite difficult but very much possible

5) Everyone gets 24 hrs in a day. So we all are equally blessed as far as time is concerned

6) Don’t fake your smile. Smile at heart and let it reflect on your face

7) God is extra-kind with all of us human-beings, he has given us a power of self-healing

8) Many times you won’t get chance to apply your knowledge that doesn’t mean you can’t use your brain there. Use your brain wisely

9) Switching ON and OFF your focus delays your success. Don’t lose your focus, Never

10) Maturity comes with Observation. Listening and thinking quietly. It’s important to assess your maturity level time to time.

11) Becoming a reason of someone’s sorrows in life is the most sinful act, please ensure that you are spreading only smiles

12) If God is not on your side, you are on wrong side. Just change your side

13) Unconditional gratitude towards life, God, nature, parents etc. always keeps you happy and healthy. Stop counting your problems, counts your blessings.

14) Comparing yourself with someone is like blaming your neurons for not being on right position in your brain. Stop it it's useless, because you yourself have placed them there over the years. Learn some network engineering if you want to learn some more skills. You need to unlearn first that you are not capable to do something then only you can learn that thing. Change your perspective, things will become easier

15) Silence is a best extinguisher for the fire of negativity inside us. Speak only when you are positive from inside; stay silent when you are tensed, frustrated, angry, demotivated or anxious. 


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